The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: January 2023

It’s a new year and our resolution is to celebrate more independent games than ever before, starting with these indie games that you can try today!

Check them out, tell your friends, and spread the love for indie games!


Alone in a far away planet. Surrounded by hostile pilots. The only way out is through sheer skill. Jump into the MF-01 Aerostrike and fight for survival. Fight to return to your family.

Check out the demo

Cricket: Jae’s Really Peculiar Game

Go on an incredibly cute and heartfelt hand-animated JRPG adventure to the moon and back with Jae and his friends! Take turns fighting, landing timed inputs, and using the benefits from those attacks to do awesome team attacks. Explore a world not unlike our own, full of laughs, tears, and Elemelons.

Check out the demo

Full Metal Sergeant

Be the drill instructor! Insult recruits with no remorse! Can you transform flabby recruits into lean war machines within 12 weeks?

Check out the demo

Imperial Grace

Imperial Grace is a visual novel about romance, medieval intrigue, and political strategy. Will you rule with your head or your heart?

Check out the demo


A magician and a wendigo, wake up together inside a dark crypt. After centuries sleeping, you find yourself captive in the bowels of a massive cathedral. Only by working together will you find your way out…

Check out the demo

Reindeer Story

Reindeer Story is a 2D Adventure RPG! Run, Jump and Battle through 6 chapters of this Wintery Epic! Fight foes in turn-based battles with a real-time element, dodge enemies’ attacks in the Battle Zone, and retaliate with Z-Skills!

Check out the demo

Rodents: Rewind

Rodents: Rewind is a 2D action-adventure game set in the city of Kotzeon, 50 years from now. The residents are classified into several classes, and the Southwest suburb is where the lowest class, the ‘Rodents’ reside.

Check out the demo

Temple of Starlight

Temple of Starlight is an abstract first-person puzzle game with a striking retro visual style. Use colored lights to clear obstacles and explore an ancient temple along with its forgotten history.

Check out the demo

Titanium Hound

Titanium Hound is a retro-looking video game in the cyberpunk genre, where you pilot a huge and agile exoskeleton to crush hordes of crazed security drones and abominations to uncover a conspiracy carefully crafted by one of the global corporations.

Check out the demo

Witch Guild Survivor

Witch Guild Survivor is a fun horde roguelite game where you play as a witch that must survive the monsters using your powerful spells! Collect white orbs and upgrade your magic spells. Choose a combination of various elements to generate synergies between them in each run

Check out the demo

If you’re developing an indie game and would like your demo featured in an upcoming Demo Disc, just complete our request form!

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for hundreds of great indie games that you can try today!

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