How We Celebrated Independent Games | Indie Bandits Year in Review 2022

As the new year begins, we’ve been taking stock of what we’ve achieved over the past 12 months.

Here at Indie Bandits, our main goal is to “celebrate independent games”. It’s our slogan and our mantra and everything we do is to try and make sure that this underappreciated corner of the industry gets a spotlight on it.

There are a few ways we do this including through our website, socials, and our newsletter. This year, we’ve done a lot so we thought we’d share with you just how much we’ve celebrated independent games in 2022.

Celebrating Independent Games on Our Website

When we first started Indie Bandits, we focused mostly on our website as we grew our social media channels. However, as the community grows and we spend more time interacting with all of you lovely indie devs, we had to settle on a sustainable monthly content schedule that included the Indie Bandits Demo Disc, Indies You May Have Missed, Indie Supporter Spotlight, and Indie Kickstarter Watch.

Each of these features is monthly and includes 10 indie games. This means that throughout the year, we’ve featured over 100 indie games with playable demos, 100 new indie games, and 100 indie game Kickstarter or crowdfunding campaigns.

These numbers don’t include the projects and indie games that we feature in our Indie Supporter Spotlight to thank the wonderful people helping us through Patreon, either.

Even counting the games that have appeared in more than one of these features, we’ve still featured and celebrated over 300 indie games on the website this year alone!

Celebrating Independent Games on Our Socials

We also celebrate independent games on our social media accounts.

Multiple times a week, we host hashtags as an open call for developers to share their games with us. Slowly but surely, we get in touch with every single developer that participates so that we can do even more to showcase and celebrate their games on our other socials and on the website.

Through our hosted hashtags, we put together over 400 posts on our Facebook highlighting and showcasing indie games as well as over 400 posts on our Instagram account, too.

That’s over 800 posts celebrating independent games throughout the year!

Celebrating Independent Game Trailers

Through our socials and YouTube channel, we’ve also been celebrating independent games by sharing their trailers.

This year, we’ve shared over 200 different trailers for independent games across our YouTube and socials. This number doesn’t include any of the trailers we’ve shared on our hosted hashtags on Twitter, either!

Add these to the trailers from the end of last year when we first started doing this and that’s nearly 300 indie game trailers that we’ve shared with the community!

Celebrating Independent Games on Kickstarter

Very recently, we’ve also started supporting independent games financially through Kickstarter. So far, we’ve backed over a dozen different projects.

Around 50% of the projects featured in our Indie Kickstarter Watch articles succeeded this year and while this is by no means down to us, we do try to include projects that could do with some help getting to their funding goals rather than ones that are guaranteed to make it.

Next year, we’ll continue to include projects that we believe will need some extra help getting across the lines and support as many as we can afford.

Our goal for 2023 is to back at least half (between 50 and 60) of the indie game Kickstarters that we feature.

The Year in Numbers

  • Over 300 indie games featured on our website.
  • Over 800 indie games featured on our socials.
  • Over 200 indie games featured on our YouTube.
  • Over 1,300 indie games featured across Indie Bandits. That’s 3 indie games celebrated each day or an indie game every morning, afternoon, and evening!

In 2023, these numbers will be even greater, but all this doesn’t happen by magic. Our small and independent team has to go through all the requests and put the articles and posts together.

If you appreciate what we’ve done for indie games and what we’ll continue to do for indie games in 2023, you can support us on Patreon (and also get some great perks for you and your indie game!).

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