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At Indie Bandits, we have one goal: to celebrate independent games.

Every video game, no matter how big or small, has an audience that it just needs to find. We make that happen through our community and content.

We’ve showcased and highlighted hundreds of indie games across our website, podcast, social media, Discord server and Twitch streams – all in an effort to make more people aware of the wonderful world of indie games.

Independent game development is tough and often underfunded, so we have never charged indie devs for our help, feedback, or support.

We’re going to keep growing this community, further support indie devs, and ensure that every indie dev can benefit from what we do – which is why we’ve turned to Patreon and Ko-fi.

If you appreciate what we do for indie games and you’d like to support us on our journey to do even more, now you can.

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