About The Indie Bandits

We love indie games, but they rarely get the attention their creativity, innovation and quality deserve. Let’s change that!

Here on our website, we post indie game reviews, articles, and discussion pieces, usually once a week on a Friday.

We also have our podcast where we chat about indie games we’ve been playing, some of our favourite retro games, and the games industry in general.

Over on our YouTube channel, you can find gameplay footage from our Twitch channel and video versions of the podcast.

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Who are you?

We’re just a bunch of childhood friends from the northeast of England, hence the accent. Indie Bandits is how we share our are passion for the indie games we’ve been playing through reviews, videos, and the podcast.

Why are the reviews so short?

Reviews on other gaming sites tend to be quite long. Our reviews are limited to around 500 words so that we can quickly showcase a game we think is worth checking out. You should be able to read the review in a matter of minutes but we also have a summary at the end if you want to get the gist in a matter of seconds.

The podcast, on the other hand, tends to be a little longer as you can listen to it whilst doing something else.

What else do you do?

Everything we do is geared towards giving good indie games a louder voice in a market that’s incredibly saturated. If you have an indie game you’ve made and would like to give it away in one of our competitions, let us know!