About The Indie Bandits

We love video games. However, we all have busy lives and other commitments that get in the way of playing games. This is why we started Indie Bandits, we like to keep things short. We want to share our love for indie games that don’t usually get a lot of coverage with players like us who don’t have time to read long reviews or watch hours of gameplay.

The Website

The website is where we post our reviews and articles. We’ll post at least one piece a week, usually on a Friday. Most of our content is reviews but from time to time, we’ll have articles on the industry and gaming in general.

The Podcast

We record our podcast each month and distribute it as multiple episodes. We each play a given indie game and discuss it together for our main episodes and then talk about current affairs in the world of gaming for our bonus episodes.

The YouTube Channel

We also have a YouTube channel. This is where we’ll post reviews of indie games and gameplay footage. Making videos takes much longer than writing articles and recording a podcast so don’t expect us to update this as much as the others.


Who are you?

We’re just a bunch of childhood friends who love games and wish there was an easier and quicker way to find out about interesting indie games.

Since we don’t all live in the same place anymore, Indie Bandits is a great way for us to share our thoughts on the cool indie games we’ve been playing through reviews and a regular podcast.

Why are the reviews so short?

Reviews on other gaming sites tend to be quite long. We limit our reviews to around 500 words so that you can quickly get an idea about whether a game is for you in a few minutes whether you’re at home, on a bus, or even the toilet!

Similarly, we aim for our podcast episodes to be around 30 minutes with around 10 minutes discussing a given game. We don’t think our listeners need a 2-hour discussion to work out whether or not a game is for them.

What else do you do?

Everything we do is geared towards giving good indie games a louder voice in a market that’s incredibly saturated. We do this through reviews, articles, podcast episodes, and competitions. If you have an indie game you’ve made and would like to give it away in one of our competitions, let us know!