Indie Kickstarter Watch: December 2022

It’s time for this month’s Indie Kickstarter Watch, where we feature some indie gems from the community that are looking for funding (while supporting a few of them ourselves!).

Last month, quite a few of the projects met their funding goals so be sure to check them out.

Now let’s see which projects we can support this month.

Rocket Arms

Rocket Arms is designed to provide a new experience to the VR enthusiast. It is a fast paced shooter that has the player flying through the air hunting down bots while trying to avoid all the obstacles coming their way.

Goal: €3,000 by December 7th

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Anitons is a monster collection RPG with a vast world featuring Species experimentation, farming, and real-time combat. Explore this amazing world, collect and mix genes, with the ultimate goal of bringing back the Aniton Gods.

Goal: €38,000 by December 8th

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Finding Mosey

Find your cat Mosey, choosing your degree of destruction and dedication. Fight, sneak, or talk your way into new areas and upgrade your character along the way as the search gets messy. Loot ridiculous items and discover hidden stories that help you explore this open world.

Goal: €20,000 by December 12th

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Jetpack Empowers

Jetpack Empowers is a 3rd-person action-adventure game for PC and eventually Xbox Series X/S and PS5. Take on a role of a youngster nicknamed Birdie – an ex-ganger, who has decided to start a new life at the top of Cloud City. Arm yourself with experimental weaponry, a compact jetpack!

Goal: €40,000 by December 14th

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Fawn Tale

Fawn Tale is 3d exploration game about a young fawn set in the cartoony realm of Mirrorvale. You play as a fawn who travels around 3 different maps completing quests and earning rewards.

Travel through the mysterious yet beautiful landscape and discover new places. Traverse the frosty paths of Snowplains and the untrodden grass of Everglade Meadows. Chart across the carmine fields of Crimson Vale and meet with many friends.

Goal: £8,500 by December 14th

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Earth of Oryn

Earth of Oryn is an indie city-builder/strategy game set in a medieval world filled with story and heart. Starting from nothing, you must shape your kingdom perfectly to your vision while managing the needs and wants of your people.

Goal: €35,000 by December 16th

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Mononeko: Tambourine Tinkerer

Mononeko: Tambourine Tinkerer is a rhythm game where you command an army of ghost kittens called Mononekos with the rhythm of your tambourine.

Your job is to give orders to the Mononeko troops by playing the Tambourine in the rhythm of the beat.

Goal: S$48,220 by December 16th

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Mislight is a Side Scroller Adventure game with a slight touch of thriller. Use the powers of your flashlight to light up the shadow creatures that roam through the forest and find your way out.

Goal: MX$60,400 by December 18th

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Namsiku: Path of the Fang

Namsiku: Path of the Fang is a 2.5D story-driven adventure game with elements of puzzles, stealth, action, and combat. Join Namsiku, a shaman in search of his daughter, who has been captured by strange beings who want to seize the precious gold used as an offering to receive the blessing of the gods.

Goal: $45,000 by December 28th

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Eyes of Iyre

Eyes of Iyre is a Visual Novel with heavy RPG elements. Follow Barbak the Orc as he discovers more about the world and his past, all the while trying to keep his temper under control. Make friends, cast magic, and learn the truths hidden in the city of Iyre!

Goal: $23,015 by January 29th

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If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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