The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: December 2022

It might be our last Demo Disc of the year, but here are more indie games that you can try for free today!

Check them out.


AbraTabia is a 2-4 player turn-based game, inspired by chess with similar but different movement rules. The addition of spells allows each player to cast 1 spell per turn, as well as move one piece. Each of your 16 pieces has health, damage, and other statistics that modify how they fight against other pieces.

It’s Not Chess … It’s AbraTabia!

Check out the demo

Decline’s Drops

Grab your punching gloves, put your clogs on and smash your way in the world of Decline’s Drops, a fully hand-drawn platform-brawler full of weird frogs, bizarre chickens, and odd hydras! Avenge your destroyed garden and defeat the 6 heads of the Eternal Corp.! If you can, it goes without saying.

Check out the demo


You’ve been locked between dimensions for someone else’s crimes. Once in a million years, you can join a series of dangerous trials in exchange for redemption.

Check out the demo


A quirky story-driven shoot ’em up where your path choices affect the outcome of the story! Select one of three characters, each with their own storyline, and see how the choices you make change the way the game unfolds.

Check out the demo

Fortress of Hell

Can you survive inside the fortress, and free the many prisoners (including your own girlfriend!) from their unfortunate fate?

Can you defeat the countless enemies and bosses of Darkness?

Can you once and for all defeat the Sacjdil organization, which was already performing its grim business back in the Laxius Force days?

Check out the demo


Hexahedra is an open-ended programming puzzle game. Design and optimize factories to create cubes, used galaxy-wide as crates, musical instruments, octopus housing, sculptures, and more. Rewind and replay the action to hunt for improvements. Compete with your friends, and unmask a cube conspiracy.

Check out the demo

The Adventures of Panzer II

Do you like action platforming games? Do you like comedy-driven stories in your games? Do you like retro gaming? And most importantly, do you like the Nintendo Entertainment System? Then The Adventures of Panzer 2 is for you!

Check out the demo

The legend of the soulforce : Heroes of the Abyss

Heroes of the Abyss is an RPG featuring deep character customization and advanced combat mechanics. You will evolve in a universe plunged into the night by the god Asteros. Discover Asteros’ dark motives and plans as you adventure through the abyss that has opened up in the world

Check out the demo

The Road To Recovery

The Road To Recovery places you in the shoes of Ash, a recovering addict, starting at day one. Work through the recovery process, dealing with the daily trials and tribulations that usually come with it. The cravings, the strange encounters, and even “friends” that may not have your best interests in mind. Reach the end of the road, all in a beautifully hand-drawn 2D world!

Check out the demo

Video Game Fables

Funny, lighthearted RPG with fast, unique, challenging, turn-based combat set in a creative, colorful, abandoned game world that hasn’t had a player in decades.

Check out the demo

Just complete our request form if you’re an indie dev and would like us to feature your indie game’s demo in a future Demo Disc feature.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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