Indies You May Have Missed: November 2022

We’re getting towards the end of the year, but there’s no sign of things slowing down when it comes to indie game releases.

As usual, here are a few from the Indie Bandits community that we think you should check out!

13 Steps

Find a way out in this horror/time loop Game. Hide, run, and uncover the mysteries of the “EOS Complex” as you are pursued by the automated security bots gone rogue. They only move when you do, so tread carefully, every step could be your last.

Check out the game

Blocks Tracks Trains

A relaxing sandbox train set diorama. Build your world, create buildings, set up your track network, and watch your trains go.

Check out the game

Goblin Rules Football

Test your mettle on the goblin gridiron in Goblin Rules Football! Withstand the ferocious punches and blows of your opponent to actually touch the ball down to score a touchdown! Only one team can win, unless the score ends in a tie!

Check out the game

Lords and Villeins

Grow dynasties of medieval families and see them evolve and interact as you build their homes, in this lighthearted, yet complex pixel art city-building strategy simulation. Expand your production chain and influence the daily lives of your villagers to craft a unique story of your settlement.

Check out the game

Magnetic Jump

Magnetic Jump is a platformer game, where you can jump around spikes and enemies, magnets and slime blocks will help you finish the level. Unlock new characters, with superpowers.

Check out the game

Maskonauts: Chat’Attack

Get in your Maskopod and play in real-time with Twitch chat activities! Survive waves of texts, Emoticodes, and enemies.

Collect bonuses and try to defeat the Blockbossters and save the Maskotios!

Check out the game

One True Hero

One True Hero is an epic 3D platforming adventure featuring a young hero who can barely save himself! Explore ancient ruins, defeat an army of evil minions and unravel the mystery of the sinking town!

Check out the game


PESTICIDE is a raw reflex action FPS that puts a heavy emphasis on time crunch, accuracy and total mayhem against nasty cockroach thugs and gangsters. Exterminate them all through the desolate and filthy city districts, collect trophies, and save adult actress Pussy Katty.

Check out the game


SPACE DUDES vs ALIEN DUDES – Alien Dudes are attacking the base. It’s up to the Space Dudes to stop them! Play across many maps and game modes to win the day!

Check out the game

Space Tail: Every Journey Leads Home

Space Tail is a 2.5D adventure platformer, which immerses the player in a deep, emotional plot, and lets him explore new planets and interact with alien civilizations.

Check out the game

If you’re an independent developer releasing your game next month, let us know via our request form and we’d be happy to include it in next month’s article.

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