Indie Kickstarter Watch: August 2022

Here are just a few of the great indie game projects in need of your help.

Make sure you check out the successful campaigns from last month’s article.

Now let’s see this month’s Kickstarters!

Dragon’s Wandering Tavern

Play as a dragon merchant in a cozy management RPG inspired by Studio Ghibli! Befriend quirky creatures that will join you in your magical tavern. Cook delicious meals with the help of a talking cauldron, craft magical trinkets and explore a mysterious everchanging forest of Elderlight.

Goal: $70,000 by August 6

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Gedda Cake

Gedda Cake is a Metroidvania about Dragons and Cakes. Play as 6 characters with unique skills and playstyles, swap between them on the fly, battle dangerous foes and explore the vast sugar-coated lands of Sugria. Help them reclaim their invaded world and get The Cake!

Goal: CA$ 45,000 by August 11

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THE EXIT VEIL PROJECT is a cross-media exploration of magickal worlds from TOKYO DARK® indie creators, Cherrymochi.

In the digital realm, experience EXIT VEIL, an occult-themed dark-psychedelic narrative role-playing game, coming to PC and consoles.

EXIT VEIL spirals out from its physical partner, the beautiful EXIT VEIL TAROT DECK designed by Cherrymochi’s J.Imazato.

Both will take you on an inner journey of exploration and change.

Goal: ¥6,850,000 by August 11

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Back it on Kickstarter

All On Board!

All On Board! is a VR platform powered by user-generated content where players will be able to create, share and play board games with friends. Getting together to play board games with your friends is great, and when that’s not possible All On Board! makes it easy.

Goal: $25,000 by August 11

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Bat Boy

Ryosuke isn’t just your regular high-school kid. He and his fellow sports-star friends secretly battle against the evil invading forces of Lord Vicious, hellbent on hosting sinister athletic events for his own amusement! Ryosuke is Bat Boy!

Goal: ¥3,500,000 by August 12

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Chonky – From Breakfast to Domination

Cute characters, cuddly enemies and an all together chonky world. Fight your way through adorable monsters, collect all kinds of loot and find new spells to help you on your journey. Face the dangers alone or with a companion that can assist you as an even cuter baby Chonky.

Goal: €10,000 by August 14

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Revenge Story

A visual novel with a very open narrative: Revenge Story offers you to play as an avatar in search of justice, as well as the worst of the scum. Customize your character’s gender, romance the character you like or get rid of the others!

Goal: €15,000 by August 16

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Andromeda Acolytes

You play all four heroines in this big multi-chapter sci-fi text adventure. Negotiate underwater mechs, AIs, abandoned cities, crime, friendship, suspense, horror, humour, an art exhibition, virtual realities and a tank. Experience each PC via first-person prose as you puzzle, converse and explore.

Goal: AU$14,000 by August 24

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Yukar From The Abyss

A fantasy otome game based on the myths and legends of Hokkaido, Japan. Meet and fight with unique Gods, overcome fierce trials together, and discover what happens when you pursue forbidden love with the divine.

Goal: ¥300,000 by August 31

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SCP: Fragmented Minds

Discover a thrilling mix of action and survival horror in SCP: Fragmented Minds. You awaken in the remains of Mars Site-113 after a global catastrophe, but you’re not alone and many of the horrifying anomalies contained here have escaped and are hunting down the remaining survivors

Goal: $80,000 by September 4

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If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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