Indie Bandits have partnered up with Aquatik Studios and we’re giving away a month of their Uncommon Plan (see their pricing page for more details), which comes with some great PR services and support for indie devs including:

  • 20 beta hours
  • teaser trailers
  • NDA distribution
  • press release creation and distribution
  • strategy calls

How to Enter

Entry for the giveaway is taking place on Twitter and is open to ANY indie game at ANY stage of development.

All you have to do is tweet using the hashtag #AquatikLovesIndies, include a short description of your indie game and a link to either an official website or a storefront page (Steam, Itch.io, etc.) so we can check out and judge your game.


  • Describe your game.
  • Include a link to the website or storefront page.
  • Use the hashtag #AquatikLovesIndies


  • Use any other hashtags or tags in your tweet.
  • Add images/videos/other attachments to your tweet.
  • Reply to tweets about the competition.

Entry will be open until 5th September 2022. The winner will be chosen by Indie Bandits and Aquatik Studios.

We’re looking for the indie game project that will benefit the most from Aquatik Studios’ services.

Though you only need to Tweet to enter this competition, we recommend ensuring that your websites, storefront pages, press kits, and other resources are all up to date as we’ll take everything you have publicly available about your game into account to make our final decision.

Good luck!

Aquatik Studios

Aquatik Studios provides game development studios turnkey marketing & content creation solutions to launch their latest games.

Bring your game to life with access to videographers, artists, marketers, business specialists, analysts & more

Aquatik Studios offers a turnkey solution enabling you to get up and go at all stages of development, from the earliest beta builds to post-launch and beyond. Aquatik Studios provides a white glove solution for your marketing needs with various service offerings.

Aquatik Studios marketing services increase growth and hype around your project, thereby generating much-needed traction to take your project to the next level.

Aquatik Studios are pioneers in indie game marketing and set ourselves apart from the competition with proprietary strategies, industry experts, and a top-rated creative team that no other firm can offer.

Terms and Conditions

  • Only TWITTER entries using the hashtag #AquatikLovesIndies and including an official/storefront link will be considered (see above for dos and don’ts).
  • Only ONE entry per project. Multiple entries will be disqualified.
  • Entries received after 5th September 2022 at 23:59CET will not be counted.
  • ONE winner will be chosen internally by Indie Bandits and Aquatik Studios.
  • The WINNER will receive one month of Aquatik Studios’ “Uncommon” monthly package as detailed on their website (redeemable in October 2022 – see update).


Aquatik Studios is based in Naples, Florida, and due to the effects of Hurricane Ian in September/October 2022, has been unable to issue the prize. Due to these circumstances, we are hoping to issue the prize at a later date once Aquatik Studios is able to.

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