Indies You May Have Missed: July 2022

So many indies, so little time. Here are just a few of the great indie games that came out recently.

Make sure to leave a review of the new indies you try, it really helps the devs out!

Backroom Beyond

Backroom Beyond is a first-person game that mixes puzzles with platforms in a dark, harrowing environment that makes the player question the protagonist’s sanity. Based on the internet myth, Backroom Beyond makes the player wonder if that journey is about something more personal.

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Captain Diarrhea and The Shartening

A top-down action shooter. Use gross and weird movement mechanics and abilities. Survive, and enact revenge on the black military division that abducted you and made you the way that you are. BRING FORTH THE SHARTENING.

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Dismantled Director’s Cut

Dismantled is a survival horror game inspired by the old Resident evil games, The Suffering games and by old B-movies… If you like survival horror and puzzles you’ll probably love it!

Experience the game in its best form with the Director’s Cut Edition. New graphics, new enemies, more weapons, more blood…

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Endlanders : First Encounter

Build your deck, glitch through enemies, translate unknown languages and decipher the mysteries of this universe, in this grid-based real time combat indie game. This version features only one playable character and serves as the prologue for the game.

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Game Dev Masters

It’s time to become the Game Developer you always wanted to be. Make use of a large array of features, and player skills to create stunning 10 / 10 games. Compete with and eventually acquire other dynamic Ai Studio’s. Raise the talent of your team and studio’s in an effort to dominate the market.

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Last in Space

Last In Space is a Minimalist Strategy Shooter in a retro style. Play as the last survivor of the human species and eradicate the zorgs from the galaxy and across all dimensions ! The Hive Mind is strong, and you won’t be able to destroy it with brute force alone. Collect minerals to build survival and military infrastructures on planets. Always keep an eye on your oxygen and energy levels, or you won’t survive long. Be sure to act fast, as the Hive becomes stronger over time by infesting planets with nests. Nests crawl with zorgs that won’t wait for you to come to them…

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“LIFE” not found;

This small Point & Click (Puzzle) game is about the mental health struggles of an adolescent high school dropout who’s lost at life. This game has no “goals” or objectives. Find out what they’re struggling with, you might even recognize some things from your own life.

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A tight action side-scroller with challenging robotic bosses. Dodge metallic dangers, acquire powerful weapons and blast your way through a destroyed world full of deadly machines where running out of energy means defeat.

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OXOGO is a tribute to classical and retro RPGs. Plenty of dungeons, puzzles and action… but inside the game, we have hidden all the clues to find a constantly growing prize.

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Ultimate Starfighter

An unknown Alien Race has launched a failed attack on Earth Station Alpha and are regrouping! Fight off the incoming fleets, discover where their ships are being constructed, and launch an assault! If Earth Station Alpha is destroyed, the planet will be lost and humanity exterminated.

Check it out

If you’re an independent developer releasing your game next month, let us know via our request form and we’d be happy to include it in next month’s article.

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