Indie Supporter Spotlight: July 2022

It’s the Indie Supporter Spotlight!

Indie Bandits is possible thanks to the support we get on Patreon and Ko-fi and, in return for this support, we like keep you up-to-date with what our supporters are doing.

With many of our supporters enjoying their holidays, we just have one update for you this month, but there’s a little bonus for members of the Indie Bandits community so keep reading.

Playtest Kit

Playtest Kit is live and it’s a must for any indie devs looking to playtest their games.

This is the complete playtest process for advanced playtesting. You can use it to efficiently find playtesters, design live and remote studies, write surveys, and analyse messy playtest data to draw reliable conclusions.

“This neat little kit covers everything you need to get started in playtesting.”

Nikka Oldale – User Research Manager at Team 17

If you’re a game developer who believes in the value of playtesting, Playtest Kit can help you run reliable, efficient playtests which reveal issues you didn’t know existed.

Since the folks at Playtest Kit are so nice, they’re offering 10% discount to members of our community. You can get your discount by using the code indiebandits.

Feature Your Project in the Indie Supporter Spotlight

The Supporter Spotlight is just one of the ways we thank the people who support us. It’s thanks to this support that Indie Bandits can celebrate independent games.

If you’d like your game or project to be featured in an upcoming article, support us on Patreon or buy us a coffee to show us that you appreciate what we do for indie game devs.

This month, we have a special offer running so if you join our patrons before the end of July, we’ll stream your game as part of our Indie Impressions series next month.

Thanks to the generous support of our existing and new patrons, we’ve reached our third funding goal, which pays for our regular content schedule on the website!

Our next goal is quite a stretch, but if we manage it, we’ll be able to permanently bring back our monthly podcast. To do this, though, we’ll need all the support we can get on Patreon!

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