The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: July 2022

As always, we have plenty of indie games that you can literally try out. It’s the Indie Bandits Demo Disc for July.

Check out these indie games and if you like them, be sure to let the devs know. They worked really hard on them!

BROK the InvestiGator

The very first PUNCH & CLICK! Brok is an innovative adventure mixed with beat ’em up and RPG elements. In a grim world where animals have replaced mankind, what kind of detective will you be?

Check out the demo

Gods of Gravity

Compete against friends in an epic showdown of celestial gods. Scoop up just the right ships (like shield and rocket) and fling them to capture a nearby planet, or open wormholes to teleport them across the solar system. Hold planets and moons to boost your production. And if you dare, capture the sun for the ultimate buff. Then send a massive fleet to conquer friend’s home planet. Last god standing wins.

Check out the demo

Last Visit

Last Visit is a combination of an adventure game and survival horror. Discover a captivating story full of secrets and fear. Dark atmosphere, constant sense of danger and various puzzles will make you never forget this experience.

Check out the demo

Rocket Rumble

Rocket Rumble is a 4 player party racing brawler where crossing the finish line first isn’t the only goal! Smash your way through action-packed tracks, earning points along the way. Earn the most to win! Plus with procedurally generated obstacles in every track, you’ll never know what’s coming up!

Check out the demo

Sea Horizon

Sea Horizon is a Roguelike turn-based RPG. You can explore the world by choosing different characters. Every journey can be unique and legendary. But don’t forget the darkness is lurking. Choose your path wisely because every single step is essential.

Check out the demo

Sentient Noir

A dark, dystopian alien City. Four factions want the incredible powers of a Detective Hunter for their own ends. With these powers, you’re able to destroy the sentimant populous. You are feared but maybe that can change as you discover the secrets of the sentient city.

Check out the demo


SOOT is a Simulation and Strategy game where you control the terraforming crew of the Ziggurat, a roaming space station that orbits small planets and exploits their resources. Follow Captain Christopher Mason and Lieutenant Ferdinand McCann as they (and you) master the craft of terraforming.

Check out the demo

Star Hearts: Launch Point

Star Hearts: Launch Point is a tight 2D action-adventure featuring an 8-bit retro aesthetic in classic NES fashion. Journey to the galaxy’s edge and discover the origins of Prin – an interstellar revolutionary in the making – as she embarks upon her first space-faring adventure!

Check out the demo

The Little Brave

Undertake a dangerous journey into mysterious forbidden lands to reveal secrets of the legendary past, find the last pieces of gone magic, and gain bravery on your path in this exciting adventure of the cute little hero.

Check out the demo

Until The End

In Until The End, you play as Zoe, a young nurse who has just graduated. At the Montagne Institute, you will help her make the best decisions for the well-being of her patients in a palliative care unit.

Check out the demo

If you’re an indie dev and would like us to feature your indie game’s demo in a future Demo Disc feature, just complete our request form.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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