Indies You May Have Missed: June 2022

It’s time to check out just a few of the great indie games that came out this month!

Don’t forget to show the devs some love when you play their games.


In 2113, the world population has reached 20 billion people. With this exponential growth, the lack of space has turned into a global problem. Humanity has rushed to build vertically, piling blocks of apartments on top of each other. The world is now a field of gigantic towers.

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Bass Monkey

Bass Monkey is a free Hack and Slash arcade game. Up to 4 friends can compete (or co-operate!) in this short, low-stress, musical platformer. Collect bananas, smack away hamsters, and try to get on the high score leaderboards as you battle through a 5 song EP.

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Born Punk

A former combat hacker, a corporate CEO and a malfunctioning android get possessed by mysterious, otherworldly entities and must band together to save themselves and uncover the entities’ origins. Talk, puzzle and explore your way through this (often humorous) cyberpunk thriller.

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Captain of Industry

Colony and factory simulation game. Alone with your loyal crew, expand a small colony of survivors into an industrial empire! From an abandoned island to vast factories, research labs, and space program. Build, mine, farm, shape terrain, explore, trade, and take care of your settlement!

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Do You See the Waving Cape

An indie game with a very special narrative style. This game is inspired by the author’s childhood and tells a story about Love, Growth, Dreams, and Reality. It perfectly integrates different types of gameplay into sentimental and interesting stories.

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Game Dev Masters

It’s time to become the game developer you always wanted to be. Make use of a large array of features and player skills to create stunning 10 / 10 games. Compete with and eventually acquire other dynamic AI studios. Raise the talent of your team and studio’s in an effort to dominate the market.

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Grab your axe and save the environment by chopping and recycling every man-made thing in your path and solving puzzles with your charming animal friends!

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Mech Armada

Create and command custom Mechs to outmaneuver The Swarm in this post-apocalyptic tactical turn-based rogue-lite. Leverage the terrain, learn each Mech’s unique skills and use strategy and resources to survive an ever-changing series of battles to give humanity hope.

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Nightmare Frames

Nightmare Frames is a supernatural thriller where you’ll step into the shoes of Alan Goldberg, in the search for the scariest horror film of all time. An enthralling journey through the streets of the Hollywood of the 80s, a small haunted town, and even Hell itself.

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Pixel Play

Bounce, slide, flip and run through a unique path each time you play this fun arcade game by Pixel Play LLC. Where people and pixels play.

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If you’re an independent developer releasing your game next month, let us know via our request form and we’d be happy to include it in next month’s article.

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