Indie Supporter Spotlight: June 2022

It’s the Indie Supporter Spotlight!

Indie Bandits is certainly a labour of love, but your support helps us to do more and celebrate independent games even more. As a thank you to those who support us on Patreon and Ko-fi, we like to share their projects with you.

Holy Purge

Holy Purge is a new project we want to tell you about. The folks at Celeritas Games released it back in February and they’ve recently updated the game with a new map.

So what is Holy Purge?

This is a co-op horror game where you play as priests and perform exorcisms. Up to 3 players must work together to defeat evil as it consumes a Medieval village.

But why tell you about it when we can show you?

Watch the trailer to see what you’re in for.

As part of your priestly powers, you can perform exorcisms, stop demons from possessing people, and team up with your friends or your fellow clergy.

Holy Purge is available on Steam now so go show the devs some love!

Playtest Kit

Don’t forget that Playtest Kit is out now and it’s a must for any indie devs looking to playtest their games.

This is the complete playtest process for advanced playtesting. It allows you to efficiently find playtesters, design live and remote studies, write surveys, and analyse messy playtest data to draw reliable conclusions.

“A must for any studio looking to better their games through clever use of structured feedback.”

Dan Marshall – BAFTA winning indie developer – Size Five Games

If you’re a game developer who believes in the value of playtesting, Playtest Kit can help you run reliable, efficient playtests which reveal issues you didn’t know existed.

Feature Your Project in the Indie Supporter Spotlight

The Supporter Spotlight is just one of the ways we thank our Patreon supporters. After all, it’s their support that helps Indie Bandits to celebrate independent games.

If you’d like your game to be featured in an upcoming article, you can support us on Patreon for this and other perks or buy us a coffee if you appreciate what we do for indie game devs.

As it stands, we’re so close to reaching our third goal, which would guarantee our weekly content schedule for the website! If you’d like to ensure that Indie Bandits continues to celebrate independent games on this very website, your support is very welcome.

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