Indie Kickstarter Watch: July 2022

Here’s our Indie Kickstarter Watch featuring just a few of the indie Kickstarter projects that you might want to support.

Don’t forget to check in on the successful campaigns from last month’s article.

Now onto this month’s Kickstarters!


Build your deck, glitch through enemies, translate unknown languages and decipher the mysteries of this universe, in this grid-based real time combat indie game. Endlanders features two main characters with diverging storylines in the same universe, fighting their way through unknown planes.

Goal: €10,000 by July 4

Support it on Kickstarter

BoF1LL: A Withering World

Together two companions will explore and restore their shrouded landscapes. Playable solo and in couch co-op!

Goal: $15,000 by July 7

Support it on Kickstarter

A Twisted Tale

Discover a humouristic point-and-click adventure inspired by all the masterpieces which made us stick to our computers back in the day (and therefore we played outside way too infrequently).

Goal: €17,500 by July 7

Support it on Kickstarter

Aces and Adventures

Aces and Adventures is a deck builder RPG with poker-powered combat. Journey through a world inspired by Norse and Middle Eastern mythology to save the Life Tree from the evil that gnaws at her roots.

Goal: $12,500 by July 15

Support it on Kickstarter

Shattered Heaven

Shattered Heaven is a single-player deck builder card game with RPG elements and an ambitious branching narrative, set in a dark fantasy world. The game focuses on a card game and roguelike gameplay fueled by a great replay value thanks to procedural dungeons and a deep crafting system.

Goal: €20,000 by July 15

Support it on Kickstarter

Trilogia Latinorum Ludorum

Trilogia Latinorum Ludorum is a collection of nine games across three universes designed to teach the Latin language. The titles cover mythology, daily Roman life, and politics while also being suitable for the lower-end machines often found in schools.

Goal: €3,000 by July 16

Support it on Kickstarter


A quirky twin-stick shooter with a unique hand-drawn style.

Goal: $45,000 by July 23

Support it on Kickstarter

The Gods Fabled: Soil Frontier

Sow life back into the lands for an open-world fantasy farming experience like no other in The Gods Fabled: Soil Frontier!

Answering a call for help, you’ll venture to the long-abandoned Paleeto Town where neglected farmlands, empty streets, run-down buildings, vast open landscapes, and a great deal of mystery call out to you.

Goal: AU$50,000 by July 24

Support it on Kickstarter

The White Raven

Wage tactical war, Explore spiritual hellscapes, and Spark beautiful romance, or bitter rivalries in this Open World turn-based Tactical RPG: The White Raven.

Goal: S$34,000 by July 28

Support it on Kickstarter

The Frogs

The Frogs is a point-and-click adventure game based on the play by Aristophanes. Play as Dionysus as you survive awful puns and break all the fourth walls. It’s an ancient Greek comedy with Renaissance art and 18th-century classical music… and that identity crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.

Goal: $8,500 by August 13

Support it on Kickstarter

If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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