The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: February 2022

It’s time for more indie games that you can try for yourself. Of course, there are way more than just these, but we reckon you’ll get a kick out of them.

Check them out!

Bionic Tadpole

Every bullet has Bionic Tadpole’s name on it as he escapes R-Man City in the stolen bionic suit!

Run and gun, beat the timer, and don’t let your gun overheat in this 2D side-scroller bullet-hell platformer.

Check out the demo

Blood Nova

Princess Love is set to assume the throne of a powerful galactic empire. But when conspirators try to thwart her ascension, Love and her best friend Kel become stranded on an interstellar lighthouse. Prove Love worthy of rule in this thrilling point and click adventure game.

Check out the demo

Chaos Brigade

Chaos Brigade is an arcade platform-shooter space odyssey where you control a team of six space exterminators and lead them in the ultimate space cleanse. Wipe out the enemies with your arsenal, but don’t overdo or you’ll risk destroying the spaceships you are meant to save in the first place!

Check out the demo

Lockey Land

Discover this beautiful puzzle game through 10 levels. Find the shortest solution to get all stars in every level.

Check out the demo on the App Store or Google Play

Prose & Codes

Explore the wonderful world of books through deceptively simple cyphers. A portion of every purchase benefits Project Gutenberg, an online library of over 60,000 free ebooks.

Check out the demo

Shardpunk: Verminfall

A tactical squad-based survival strategy game based in a thoroughly stylized pixel-perfect steampunk setting. Plan fights, rest at camps, juggle dwindling resources, and journey to the relative safety of bunkers, all while on the run from a swarm of vicious and heavily armed mutated rats.

Check out the demo

Spirited Thief

Spirited Thief is a tactical stealth game with a quirk: take your time to scout and plan your heist, then break in to steal pricey gems under increasing pressure.

Check out the demo

Super Dungeon Maker

Design & Discover trap-ridden dungeons in this free prologue to Super Dungeon Maker – the Zelda-inspired dungeon maker where you create & play the dungeons of your dreams and share them with the world.

Check out the demo

The Last Oricru

The Last Oricru is an action RPG with a strong emphasis on storytelling and player choices. The player awakens in a sci-fi medieval world on the brink of war and starts influencing the destiny of the whole world. The game is designed as both a single-player and a co-op experience.

Check out the demo

Twelve Floors Below.

Twelve Floors Below. is a claustrophobic horror game taking place in an elevator.

Check out the demo

If you’re an indie dev and would like your indie game’s demo featured in an upcoming Demo Disc feature, just complete our request form.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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