Indie Kickstarter Watch: February 2022

The Indie Kickstarter Watch is back for 2022. Every month (except last month because of the holidays), we bring you some indie games that are looking for financial backing from people who love to celebrate independent games.

Before you check out this month’s projects to watch, here are the projects from December’s Kickstarter Watch that reached their funding goals.

Now onto more indies that need your help!


Furquest is a cute, cosy RPG full of fun minigames and wholesome characters to meet!

Throughout your quest, you’ll explore, fight monsters, play games, and, most importantly: help people and make friends! Friendship is actually the meat and potatoes of the whole game, with who you make friends with directly influencing the story and resulting in drastically different endings.

Goal: $10,000 by February 7

Check out the Kickstarter

Orbital Cargo Division

Orbital Cargo Division is a humorous pixel-art sci-fi adventure game about a freighter crew arriving at a seemingly abandoned space station. It’s inspired by the Space Quest series and other adventure games.

Goal: €15,000 by February 8

Check out the Kickstarter

Blood Nova

Princess Love is set to assume the throne of a powerful galactic empire. But when conspirators try to thwart her ascension, Love and her best friend Kel become stranded on an interstellar lighthouse. Prove Love worthy of rule in this thrilling point-and-click adventure game.

Goal: €6,650 by February 18

Check out the Kickstarter

Above Snakes

Survive the wilderness in this Western-inspired base builder. Craft your world by placing isometric tiles, exploring various biomes, and unravelling the secrets of the land. But beware of the lost souls roaming the wilds.

Goal: €26,000 by February 19

Check out the Kickstarter

Knight of the Deep

Play as a sword-wielding fish tasked with saving the kingdom. Explore the depths of an ocean world full of adorable characters, menacing foes, and hidden wonders.

Goal: €25,000 by February 20

Check out the Kickstarter

Affinity Sorrow

Affinity Sorrow is a new and original 16-bit classic top-down RPG (Role Playing Game) with turn-based combat in development for the SEGA Genesis / Mega Drive Consoles.

The game is heavily inspired by 16-bit titles like the early Final Fantasy games, Lufia, Breath of Fire, Dragon Quest and the Mana series. We want to evoke all that nostalgia and live up to those great games, stories and memories in these modern days and take you back in time.

Goal: $52,500 by February 24

Check out the Kickstarter

Ignis Universia

Ignis Universia is an epic mix of JRPG and Visual Novel with a seasoning of tongue-in-cheek story and a hefty dose of loving homage (which must be good because it sounds like a cheese). May contain references to stereotypes and clichés (RPG, fantasy, music, anime and small doses of other nerdy interests).

Goal: €9,850 by February 26

Check out the Kickstarter

Mina the Hollower

Take control of Mina, a renowned Hollower hurtled into a desperate mission to rescue a cursed island. Whip foes, burrow through the ground, and explore a pixel-perfect world in Mina the Hollower, a brand new game from the developers who brought you Shovel Knight!

Goal: $311,503 by March 4

Check out the Kickstarter

Blazing Worldstars

This is a fast-paced 2D traditional fighting, inspired by King of Fighters and Street Fighter, Blazing Worldstars that emulates the classic 90s era of arcade fighting action!

Goal: $30,000 by March 13

Check out the Kickstarter

If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game, let us know and we’ll be sure to feature it!

You can contact us using our request form.

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