Indies You May Have Missed: January 2022

With so many great indie games coming out all the time, it can be hard to keep up with them.

Fortunately for you, we have a few that might have flown under your radar and may be of interest.

Make sure you let the developers know if you try out their games and what you think of them.

Cat Box Paradox

In this fast-paced retro platform game, you must think fast as you run, jump and swap colour, making your way through 8 floors of challenging and amusing colour changing mayhem.

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Crowalt: Traces of the Lost Colony

A young adventurer Hugh Radcliff is in pursuit of one of the greatest mysteries of history: The Lost Colony. Deal with pirates, dive into native rituals, reveal conspiracies, and make tough choices on your difficult journey for unveiling this mystery!

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Logic Light

A minimalist puzzle experience to restore the electricity of the houses after a blackout.

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Mira’s Brush

Mira’s Brush is a cute color based platformer. As a house painter, use Mira’s magic brush to steal color from enemies and use those colors to jump, dash and figure her way through Chromaland.

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Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90’s

90’s teen Delia has disappeared in an abandoned arcade and it’s up to you to find her in this thrilling VR escape room adventure! Solve challenging puzzles and discover mysterious clues, all while playing awesome retro 90’s arcade games!

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Inspired by old NES games, Ragnar is a 2D run-and-gun action platformer that will be difficult and fair. We would like to bring back the classic and retro feel to modern platforms and a new generation of gamers.

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Reloader: test_subject

Reloader: test_subject is an experimental “Bullet Counting Reload Action” game. Experience being a Reloader: having legendary shooting skills and engaging in Close-Quarters Combat(CQC). You just have to remember how to use the gun you’re holding.

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Storyblocks: The King

Storyblocks is a storytelling puzzle game. Short and peaceful, you can build your own path choosing the next piece of the story. Discover all tales variations and complete the library of journeys by living those drops of adventures in a medieval environment.

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Time Master

Zeno has accidentally banished his sister, so what now? Create paradoxes to help him complete trials and bring her back, obviously. Take on a wide variety of puzzles while collaborating with your past self and experiencing a fully-voiced cinematic story as you help Zeno bring her back.

Check out the game


Follow cat Catherine on her journey for the lost astrology papyri and learn more about her job as a witch assistant for bringing good vibes into this Earth! Let Catherine guide you through the zodiac wheel, showing you about features of each solar sign. You can also learn about your cat’s sign!

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If you’re an independent developer releasing your game in February, let us know and we’ll happily feature it in next month’s article!

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