July’s PS+ Games Include “PES 2019” and Indie Out-Runner “Horizon Chase Turbo”

The summer’s here and we haven’t had to wait long for Sony to announce the PS+ games for July and it looks like it might be a controversial lineup.

PES 2019

In the 2000s, it looked like FIFA had been dethroned by Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series as the king of football games. During the 2010s, FIFA took back the crown but PES still has its followers and deservedly so. Regardless of which one you prefer, you’re PES 2019 for free this month with PS+.

I don’t really think PES 2019 was the right choice for this month’s games as it’s difficult to like AAA sports games if you don’t like the sport it’s based on. I can only imagine PS+ are going to be pretty vocal about it…

Is it as good as FIFA? Will you like it if you don’t like football? You can find out this month.

Horizon Chase Turbo

As a kid, I could sit for hours unsuccessfully trying to get across the USA in Turbo Outrun for my Sega Mega Drive/Genesis. I have fond memories of the game and hopefully, Horizon Chase Turbo will be able to recapture all the nostalgia I have for the series. The game was made by Brazilian developer Aquiris Game Studio and released last year to critical acclaim.

It’s nice to see another indie getting more exposure but again, this is a title that’s for quite a specific audience with a feeling of nostalgia and on the plus side, it might draw in some new fans to the genre…

I think this month’s selection might be a little too niche to keep everyone happy so some of us might have to set foot outside and enjoy the sunshine.

What do you think of this month’s free games?

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