The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: October 2022

With so many indies, picking which ones to buy can be tough. Fortunately, these great indie games have playable demos that you can try right now!


Beasties is a lovingly hand-drawn 2D monster trainer game with turn-based puzzle combat, where you take on the role of a Beastie trainer.

Check out the demo

Call of Saregnar

Call of Saregnar is a nod to the era of party-based RPGs from the 90’s. Follow an intriguing story with interesting characters in a unique low-fantasy medieval setting. Enjoy a lush handcrafted 3D world that just begs to be explored.

Check out the demo


Flooded is a reversed city-builder, in which you need to optimize your production on an island that shrinks over time. Gather enough resources to flee to safety, while the surrounding world is getting flooded.

Check out the demo

Game Dev Masters

It’s time to become the Game Developer you always wanted to be. Make use of a large array of features, and player skills to create stunning 10 / 10 games. Compete with and eventually acquire other dynamic Ai Studio’s. Raise the talent of your team and studio’s in an effort to dominate the market.

Check out the demo

Gedda Cake

Gedda Cake is a Metroidvania about Dragons and Cakes. Play as 6 characters with unique skills and playstyles, swap between them on the fly, battle dangerous foes and explore the vast sugar-coated lands of Sugria. Help them reclaim their invaded world and get The Cake!

Check out the demo

Last in Space

Last In Space is a Minimalist Strategy Shooter in a retro style. Play as the last survivor of the human species and eradicate the zorgs from the galaxy and across all dimensions! The Hive Mind is strong, and you won’t be able to destroy it with brute force alone. 

Check out the demo

Nova: Cloudwalker’s Tale

A charming puzzle game about moving clouds, combining and walking on them to gather the lost star shards across the skies.

Check out the demo


Finally, here comes the ultimate pet simulator with a sea cucumber! For all those who have always wanted a sea cucumber as a pet!

Check out the demo


Enter the testing chambers of the tech. giant IRT and solve puzzle rooms utilizing its teleportation technology. Traverse IRTs facility and face head-scratching puzzles. Discover the mysteries of IRT and its teleportation technology.

Check out the demo

WW2 Rebuilder

World War 2 Rebuilder is a unique immersive storytelling simulation game where you build houses, flip squares, and repair and renovate destroyed European Cities. Become a Builder of a WW2 Aftermath World!

Check out the demo

Just complete our request form if you’re an indie dev and would like us to feature your indie game’s demo in a future Demo Disc feature.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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