The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: May 2022

Looking for some new indie games to try?

Here are some great indies with demos you can play today!

Binary Golf

Inspired by Kirby’s Dream Course, a minigolf game where you hit all targets with the ball until the last target standing becomes the hole, some targets give weird abilities like jumping and teleporting, flight and free-rolling, time freeze and travelling to the 4th dimension. Use them to your advantage.

Check out the demo


DESOLATIUM is a first-person point & click Graphic Adventure based on Lovecraft Mythos. Live this horror story where you will have to visit mysterious locations, face Lovecraftian creatures, find clues and combine objects to solve puzzles.

Check out the demo

Dwarven Skykeep

Every wizard needs a tower – It’s time you built one! Build sky-high and deep below, fill it with magic crystals and armories, employ dwarfs and build a glorious monument to your power! Hordes of enemies seeking to destroy your legacy stand in your way, as well as floods and fire.

Check out the demo

Eternal Remnant: The First Chapter

Dive into the unforgettable tale of two siblings on the run in this emotional RPG journey. With only their wits and a cursed power too dangerous to control, they must fight, explore and scavenge to survive in an unfamiliar world. Will their bond be strong enough to endure the road ahead?

Check out the demo


Avenge a crumbling world in this varied platformer. Jump, fight, climb, and fly through worlds full of hazards and puzzles. Discover hidden treasures and develop new skills and devastating attacks to aid in your fight against the hordes of evil. Will you succeed and restore order to the world?

Check out the demo


inAntrum is an atmospheric 3D Action-Adventure-RPG developed as game series and released in five parts. It combines Action-RPG elements as well as Adventure-Puzzle elements and a stylized 3D graphic in an entirely new fantasy setting.

Check out the demo

Lord Ambermaze

This world and all life in it have stopped. Only your steps can force the flow of time to move. You need to restore the flow of time – and for that purpose, you’ll have to delve into the depths of the underworld and challenge the evil Lord.

Check out the demo

The Little Brave

Undertake a dangerous journey into mysterious forbidden lands to reveal secrets of the legendary past, find the last pieces of gone magic, and gain bravery on your path in this exciting adventure of the cute little hero.

Check out the demo

The Sundew

You are Anna Isobe, a cyborg cop abandoned by progress and thrust into the midst of a global conspiracy. Experience classic point and click gameplay as you travel across the dark future, and make choices that will seal the fate of the world.

Check out the demo


Trash is an open world co-op adventure game where you customize your character with crafted forms and abilities. Jump, Glide, Shield or Smash your way around a wild open world, completing puzzling challenge zones and surviving weird and wonderful creatures.

Check out the demo

If you’re an indie dev and would like your indie game’s demo featured in an upcoming Demo Disc feature, just complete our request form.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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