The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: November 2021

Want to know one of the best ways to work out whether you should buy an indie game? Play it first!

Here are a bunch of indie games with demos you can try today.

When you do try them, make sure you let the devs know!


Alone is a puzzle platformer where you control more than just one character. Switch control between a variety of bots, each with their own unique features, to help overcome increasingly more difficult challenges.

Check out the demo

Catty & Batty: The Spirit Guide

Cooperatively build a path to guide spirits home.

Check out the demo

Dead Estate

Cornered with nowhere else to turn, can you escape the monster-filled mansion? Dead Estate is a gory, fast-paced, challenging roguelike shooter, with a heavy emphasis on horror influences.

Check out the demo

Dice Gambit

Dice gambit is a Turn-Based Tactics game where you’ll roll and allocate dice to control your characters.

Check out the demo

Gods of the Twilight

You’re a reincarnated god, but that doesn’t stop you from being a dork. You don’t even remember not being human, but you’d better—Ragnarök is coming, and supernatural and government forces have their own plans for you. Can you juggle that with your social/romantic life in this episodic visual novel?

Check out the demo

Nura’s Wish

Nura’s Wish is an atmospheric puzzle adventure in which you carry the last light on the earth. Solve brilliant puzzles by illuminating ancient altars. Explore a mysterious world filled with riddles and secrets. Run and jump freely through diverse and open environments.

Check out the demo

River Tails: Stronger Together

With distinctive asymmetrical gameplay and a colorful cartoon aesthetic, River Tails: Stronger Together is a 3D action-adventure platformer designed around a unique couch co-op system. Friends get the chance to team up and work together to defeat end-of-level bosses and solve puzzles across different natural-world environments.

Check out the demo

Der Geisterjäger / The Ghost Hunter

Pilot your own mech, explore the dungeon set in a dying sci-fi world, and survive through harsh turn-based battles in this brutal dungeon crawler.

Check out the demo

The Last Defense

The Last Defense is a 3D Tower Defense game, where you play from the eyes of King Severin. Build and Update your defenses and try to push out the wave of corrupted creatures, that are invading through multiple portals inside the kingdom. Help King Severin save his Kingdom from Doom.

Check out the demo

Veil of Dust: A Homesteading Game

A story-driven CRPG about learning to live after loss. Craft tools, food & homestead upgrades. Build relationships & discover a world beyond the veil. Survive the sparse desert by farming, foraging, hunting, fighting, & exploring the 1860’s frontier unraveling a story about love & tenacity.

Check out the demo

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