The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: September 2021

You know the drill. Here are some excellent indie games with demos you can play right now.

Don’t forget to let the devs know what you think when you try their game, too!

An Embered Expedition

Set sail for a chill exploration of the Frozen Isles to find Dina’s missing friends. Light the long extinguished torches to expand her flame-based movement abilities and return fire to the tundra.

Check out the demo

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine

Betrayer: Curse of the Spine is an Action-Adventure Metroidvania. The game features decision making, crafting, fast-paced combat, multiple endings, intricate storytelling, an open world to explore, and more!

Check out the demo


Cybel is a frantic top-down shooter set in a unique occult science-fiction universe. You play as Cybel, a girl who will climb the floors of a heavily defended industrial tower to find revenge, with the help of 3 witches.

Check out the demo

Guardians of Hyelore

Guardians of Hyelore is an action-packed unit recruitment game pitting your units and strategies against an onslaught of enemies. Hire units, improve your troops, earn achievements, and spawn your Guardian to fight 150+ unique enemies in this exciting take on the army-spawning action genre.

Check out the demo

Harmony’s Odyssey

Harmony’s Odyssey is a 3D fantasy adventure puzzle game set on mythical dioramas full of riddles, perky creatures and magic. Embark on a fantastic journey through remote fabled lands tangled by a rowdy cat and bring peace to its inhabitants.

Check out the demo


Not your average card game… Haste is NOT a Roguelite, NO Card Packs and NO… turns?! Haste is a Strategic Card Game played in Real Time. Simply choose 3 heroes and launch into battle. With an ever-changing board, you have to think quick to make meaningful decisions!

Check out the demo

Iron Meat

Iron Meat is a apocalyptical run-and-gun shooter featuring an onslaught of mechanics ripped from the dawn of the NES.

Check out the demo

Lonesome Village

Lonesome Village is a puzzle-solving adventure with social simulation.

Check out the demo


Oddventure is a lore-rich turn-based crazy RPG set in a cursed fairytale world. Fight your inner demons and reach for the spark of hope, or stare directly into the abyss.

Check out the demo


UnMetal is a 2D stealth action-adventure that pays homage to the classics with a healthy dose of humor and satire. You play as Jesse Fox, who is definitely NOT an elite commando, under arrest for a crime he didn’t commit, and must escape a covert military base using his wits and fists.

Check out the demo

Let us know if you’d like us to feature your game in next month’s demo disc.

You can find us on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment on this article.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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