Indie Kickstarter Watch: August 2021

Another month, another load of awesome indie game Kickstarter and crowdfunding projects for you to support.

But before we get to this month’s projects, check out the projects from our last article that made their funding targets.

Now onto this month’s projects!

Crowsworn – A Dark and Mysterious Action Packed Metroidvania

Explore a dark world inhabited by men and monsters in this action packed platformer. Lay waste to the monsters that stand in your way with a wide array of stylish combat maneuvers, as you attempt to unravel the truth behind the curse of Fearanndal.

Goal: $125,000 by August 9

Check out the Kickstarter

Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress

A funny and cute JRPG/Visual Novel hybrid about four women destined to save the world. Parodies and references the games and other fiction and music with fourth-wall breaking humour. Tactical battle system that is 100% turn-based with cute creature summons.

Goal: £40,000 by August 12

Check out the Kickstarter

The Cove

A VR pirate adventure game featuring sailing, treasure hunting, and shooting the undead crew of Captain Blackbeard who has put a curse on the whole area and will not let you leave.

Goal: £15,000 by August 13

Check out the Kickstarter


A Wizard has trapped you in a storybook, transporting you to the magical town of Brookhaven. With spells, swords, and the power of friendship, begin your new life in this strange land. But remember, escape may yet be possible for those who unravel this world’s mysteries…

Goal: $2,000 by August 17

Check out the Kickstarter

Medic: Pacific War

Become a medic – the true hero of war. Survive the horrors of the battlefield, dodge the bullets, and bring salvation to the wounded. Be their last hope in the chaotic reality of the Pacific Front. Patch, revive, and carry them to change the course of the battle! Be ready to make hard choices!

Goal: €8,200 by August 19

Check out the Kickstarter


Two humans have awoken on a mysterious planet, alone, with their memories gone. Stratospiel is a turn-based RPG that follows their quest to learn the truth.

Goal: $5,000 by August 25

Check out the Kickstarter

Second Star

A sci-fi adventure role-playing game. Embark on an interstellar role-playing adventure 200 years in the future as you follow the footsteps of a missing ship and her crew.

Goal: $35,000 by August 25

Check out the Kickstarter


MONOMYTH revives the classic virtues of the dungeon-crawling genre. Fight your way through an immersive interconnected and highly interactive underworld. Unravel the mysteries of Lysandria and challenge the evil that lurks below the ancient fortress.

Goal: €16,500 by August 26

Check out the Kickstarter

Spindle – An Action-Adventure about the Death and a Pig

Spindle is an old-school zeldaesque action-adventure where you slip into the role of Death. But you won’t be alone: A pig is your companion! Obviously. Because of reasons.

Goal: €55,000 by August 30

Check out the Kickstarter


Stormrite is an upcoming open-world RPG set in the dark, fantasy-medieval kingdom of Redreach. You’ll play the role of a young squire, exploring a world full of chaos and conflict. Become a deadly assassin, learn the arts of dark magic, or lead your armies into large-scale war. The choice is yours!

Goal: £20,000 by September 1

Check out the Kickstarter

If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game, let us know and we’ll be sure to feature it!

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