Indies You May Have Missed: July 2021

Struggling to keep up with all the indie games being released each month?

Here are some that you might want to check out.

Let the developers know if you try any of them out.

First Days of Atlantis

Quickly build beautiful cities on colorful islands in the ancient Mediterranean Sea. The perfect game to play and relax for half an hour.

Check out the game

Fish Tanks

One day you’re glug-glugging around in a tank and the next you’re driving one! You’re armed for the greatest aquatic battle that isn’t fought in water… you’re a fish…in a tank!

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Lambs on the road : The beginning

Inspired on the bestseller ”The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Lambs on the road is a adventure platformer game with small puzzles. Help John to find her daughter in a post-apocalyptic world plenty of dangers.

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Mira’s Brush

Mira has been tasked with restoring colour to Chromaland across all 8 art-style based worlds, and squaring off against the villainous Blump. As a house painter, Mira uses her magic brush to steal colour from a host of enemies and use those colours to jump, dash and figure her way through Chromaland.

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Onirike is an original 3D adventure, puzzle and platformer video game which takes place in an intricate open world, designed with a non-linear narrative and presented with a peculiar audio-visual aesthetic.

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Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance

Raptor Boyfriend: A High School Romance is a dating sim about a teen girl who moves to a small secret community of cryptids. Romance a magical Fairy, a sensitive Sasquatch and a bold Velociraptor. A satirical 90’s teen drama about trying to find love in your last year of high school.

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Ravensword: Undaunted

Ravensword: Undaunted is a FPS dungeon crawler inspired by Hexen and Heretic, set within the Ravensword Universe.

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A walking simulator about dear memories, overcoming obstacles, and finding your path. Experience a story inspired by finno-karelian folklore.

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Stack Up! (or dive trying)

Stack Up! (or dive trying) is a stack-your-way-up platformer. The objective is simple: get as high as you can. Avoid contact with water at all costs, be swift with your movements and build yourself a makeshift staircase to the top with the objects falling around you.

Check out the game

SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator

A unique artist sim game with realistic paint mixing, physics and numerous painting tools. Upgrade and customize your studio, complete tasks, sell and expose art, buy instruments and get famous!

Check out the game

If you’re an independent developer releasing your game in April, let us know and we’ll feature it in next month’s article!

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