Episode 6 | Indie RPGs | Costume Quest, Pyre, Moonlighter

In this episode, we discuss KFC’s Double Down sandwich, explain sports to Archie, and talk about the indie RPGs that we’ve been playing recently.

Games Discussed: Costume Quest, Pyre, Moonlighter.

2 thoughts on “Episode 6 | Indie RPGs | Costume Quest, Pyre, Moonlighter

  1. know it’s been a couple months since this episode came out, but I’ve recently finished Pyre and wanted to comment about it and the other mentioned games.
    Though I definitely think the core sports game needed some polish (remapped default controls and a target lock on the triggers instead of just auto aim option), I grew to like the gameplay.
    In the beginning I also found it weird, but as the game progressed, I got attached to the characters and that made the sports gameplay more interesting, since I wanted to give priority to the characters I thought deserved freedom the most, learn their abilities and who to play against certain classes and all, that plus the titan stars made me more tense and engaged with the core gameplay, and I’ll definitely play it again on the true “no save scamming” hard difficulty once I have the money to buy it on Steam as well. So yeah, not for everyone.

    I played Moonlighter right after it was free on the Epic Store, and in the beginning it was cool to play while listening to podcasts, but as I progressed I felt the dungeon gameplay sluggish, I struggled avoiding the damage puddles, and as I tried and tried again to get deeper, I found the game to be quite repetitive, even with the upgrades and all, and even though the store gameplay was fine, it wasn’t enough for me and dropped it on the third dungeon. (The story was also close to none, so I also had no contextual motivation to continue.)

    I also got Costume Quest on the Epic Games store for free, and until now I thought I was never going to play it since it felt like it was too simple for me, but since you mentioned it being charming and all. I’ll give it a try once october comes by.
    Anyway, great episode, and I’ll listen to some of the ones when the time comes 😛


    1. Hey, thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      We just played Pyre over on our Twitch and still weren’t sold on it, but we might need more time with the game.

      We’ll also be playing Costume Quest and Moonlighter soon so drop in when we’re streaming them and we can can chat about them. 👍

      If you miss the streams, we also post them on our YouTube channel so you can see what we thought as we were playing them and let us know what you think.


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