You Can Pick Up “Fez” for Free this Week and Two More Amazing Indie Games Are Coming Next Week!

If you love indies, you need to claim the free game from Epic Games Store this week as it’s an absolute classic. Similarly, from Thursday next week, you’ll also be able to get a free digital copy of Celeste and Inside, another two indie masterpieces.


If you haven’t seen 2012’s Indie Game: The Movie, go watch it now, we’ll wait. If you have, you’ll know that Fez’s creator Phil Fish basically lost his mind over making this game as good as he could.

To be fair, he did an exceptional job and Fez is a must-play for anyone who loves platforming, puzzles, and something a little bit different. The platforming in this game is completely 2D but by rotating the perspective 90 degrees at a time, you can use the forced perspective to reach places that seemed otherwise unreachable.

There are also tonnes of secrets and puzzles to solve that aren’t part of the main story but rather a way to find out more about the world Gomez (the game’s protagonist) inhabits.


For me, Celeste is one of the greatest indie games ever made. It’s a tough-as-nails platformer that’s also as full of heart as it is full of traps, spikes, and bottomless pits.

You play as Madeleine, a young woman who’s decided to conquer the game’s titular mountain. During her climb, she’s going to learn more about life and herself than she thought.

This is a fine example of a game that’s difficult but fair. Even though you’re going to die an awful lot of times as you play through it, you’re never going to feel that there’s anyone else to blame but yourself.


After the success of Limbo, Playdead decided to stick what they do best and make another atmospheric puzzle platformer six years later. However, this time, the game was in colour and the art style was slightly different, but all the themes from their previous title were there.

While Inside isn’t a sequel to Limbo, it’s definitely its spiritual successor. If you haven’t played Limbo, I’d recommend you pick it up and give it a go before moving onto Inside. After all, if you’ve been claiming the free games on Epic, you’ll already have a copy of the game from July.

Inside also includes a young protagonist navigating treacherous environments and dying in some pretty brutal ways.

I wish Games with Gold and the PS+ Monthly Games were this good!

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