Games with Gold – May 2019

Microsoft has just announced their lineup of free games for Xbox Live subscribers and it’s an odd mix to say the least. However, we do get an indie title, which is what we like to see here at Indie Bandits.


Marooners will be available for free for the whole month and is a offline and online multiplayer party game.

The game was developed by M2H Games in the Netherlands and has you play as treasure hunters in a series of minigames that constantly swap and change.

The main draw comes from the fact that this game can be played with any combination of offline and online players.

Like any party game with its salt, Marooners allows you to pick from a colourful cast of treasure hunters and gold-obsessed lunatics.

While the hardcore audience may be a little disappointed with this addition, I reckon it could be an awful lot of fun after a few drinks.

The other Games with Gold for this month are The Golf Club 2019 from HB Studios (available May 16-June 15) and two backwards compatible titles in 2011’s Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon (May 1-15), a third person shooter, and 2010’s Comic Jumper: The Adventures of Captain Smiley (May 16-31).

An interesting month for Xbox One owners. While Marooners is a pretty social game, it’s quite difficult to see the appeal in a game as niche as The Golf Club 2019. The backwards compatible titles haven’t aged well but you can blast some aliens or enjoy whatever the hell is going on in Comic Jumper

What do you think of this month’s lineup?

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