FoxNext Sets Up Indie Development Fund, Etherborn to Be First Game

FoxNext, the video game, virtual reality, and theme park division of 20th Century Fox, has a development fund for “developers focused on innovation, experimentation and a certain amount of creative risk. With this in mind, the first game in the programme is Etherborn from Altered Matter.

Etherborn is an environmental puzzle platformer that has players navigating worlds with shifting gravity. Visually, the game reminds us of Journey with gameplay that bring Monument Valley to mind.

We’re excited to see this game released and we’re really happy to see bigger companies helping out indie developers, we just hope they let the indie developers keep doing all the great work that they do without too much corporate interference.

The game is due for release in Spring 2019 and will be available on PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One. We can’t wait!

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