The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: March 2023

Looking for some indies you can try today? Look no further than these indie games from the community.

Check them out, tell your friends, and celebrate indie games with us!

A Weekend in Puzzleburg

A Weekend in Puzzleburg is a cozy slice-of-life role-playing game with over 180,000 ways your weekend vacation can play out. No need to fight monsters or save the world from impending doom – you’ve merely booked a relaxing weekend getaway in a town known for its puzzles. Welcome to Puzzleburg!

Check out the demo!


Introducing Dreaming Seal’s newest seal hero; Ted The Voltage Seal, also known as ARCTIC VOLTAGE! This seal’s ready to save his best friend ,with his Voltage powers, from the grasp of Dr. Polarkins!

Check out the demo!

Blaze in Space: Beat a-Maze

Modern arcade with a puzzle twist. Guide your spaceship through a neon maze. Think quick and keep the momentum to beat other players!

Check out the demo!

Cardbob: Revival

Go on dungeon runs in this 3D action hack-n-slash roguelite in a sci-fi cardboard world. Fight, collect, upgrade, die, shopkeep and haggle for the best price, grow stronger and try again.

Check out the demo!


Flooded is a reversed city-builder, in which you need to optimize your production on an island that shrinks over time. Gather enough resources to flee to safety, while the surrounding world is getting flooded.

Check out the demo!

Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club

In this turn-based RPG you’ll embark on the journey of becoming a Magical Girl cosplayer! But don’t let this journey fool you, because this is not just roleplaying: your costumes will give you real life powers, and the world’s fate will be in your hands!

Check out the demo!


A love letter to horror manga in the form of a visual novel. Welcome to a world of distorted minds.

Check out the demo!

One True Hero

One True Hero is an epic 3D platforming adventure featuring a young hero who can barely save himself! Explore ancient ruins, defeat an army of evil minions and unravel the mystery of the sinking town!

Check out the demo!

The Black Pepper Crew

Assemble your crew, gear them up and fight creatively on this easy to learn but hard to master turn-based tactical roguelite. Capture the most dangerous bounties in the city, cash that juicy bounty and improve your chances of survival on a city filled with crime and jazzy grooves.

Check out the demo!

The Necromancer’s Tale

A story-rich gothic RPG. Master the rituals of an ancient spellbook. Raise an undead army to march against your enemies. Commune with the realm of the dead & struggle with your descent into madness. Progress through secrecy, diplomacy, blackmail, coercion & seduction until ready to reveal yourself.

Check out the demo!

If you’re developing an indie game and would like your demo featured in an upcoming Demo Disc, just complete our request form!

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for hundreds of great indie games that you can try today!

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