Indies You May Have Missed: February 2023

February might be the shortest month, but there are just as many great indie games as always. Here are a few that came out recently that may have passed you by!

A Bavarian Tale – Totgeschwiegen

In a third-person RPG detective story, set in Bavaria in 1866, the medical student Valentin Schmidt travels to Wolpertshofen, when a sudden death causes turmoil in the village. Use your skills, find clues and question the villagers to stop the murders.

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DIG – Deep In Galaxies

Kinda like Mario Bros, but with guns and explosions. And you can dig, too. It’s a roguelike, like most other indie games out there, so if you die you can start over again. And that’s not even the best part: you can get super powerful and combo-kick a lot of ass.

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Earth’s Shadow

Earth’s Shadow is a third-person action Sci-Fi dungeon crawler set in the year 3081 on planet Sumbra; a remote alien planet where legends of valuable relics surround this black world, calling to the greedy and brave explorers seeking a bright future… but end up uncovering an even darker past.

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Handcrafted mystery adventure where you travel through a town that appears ordinary until revealing its surreal, twisted nature. Encounter intriguing people(?), hidden agendas, lurking gods, and journey-changing decisions. Find your way home in this investigative narrative-driven noir sci-fi fusion!

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Loot Express Delivery Service

Embark on an adventure with Loot Express Delivery Service, a 2D pixel art game. As the commander, your goal is to retrieve valuable items from a distant planet. Utilize your skills and strategy to complete missions and guide your company to prosperity.

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Loretta is a psychological thriller that makes the player an accessory to the heroine’s crimes, leading her through a self-crafted nightmare. Loretta’s story revolves around a woman handling betrayal, her husband’s infidelity, and reclaiming her agency during the socially tumultuous 1940s.

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Raid on Taihoku

Raid On Taihoku is an adventure game with the backdrop of WW2 Taiwan. By controlling the characters, pass through different danger and safe zones and experience the struggles of human nature and the cruelty of war.

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SEASON: A letter to the future

Leave home for the first time to collect memories before a mysterious cataclysm washes everything away. Ride, record, meet people, and unravel the strange world around you. Immerse yourself in the world of Season, a third-person meditative exploration game.

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Sudden Market

The supermarket has just closed, hurry up to find and collect all the products on your list without getting caught by the security guard! Designed for speedrunning.

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The Legend of Gwen

Join this amazing magical adventure and help Gwen restore the moons! The legend of Gwen is a hardcore platform game, with a retro style, where the objective is to get all the stars in each level, but the real question is… can you do it?

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If you’re an independent developer releasing your game next month, let us know via our request form and we’ll happily include it in next month’s article.

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