The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: February 2023

Looking for some indies you can try today? Look no further than these indie games from the community.

Check them out, tell your friends, and celebrate indie games with us!

Atlas Negro: Infernum

If Hell is a state of the soul, this story is about the descent into the inner abyss. Atlas Negro: Infernum is a disturbing first-person story, where the end of the world is combined with psychological terror in a survival horror experience with a strong narrative component.

Check out the demo

Dereliction: 2022

You wake up, crashed onto a barren planet. Around you, there is nothing but hostile wasteland, battered by wicked wind and storm.

There is a lone outpost barely visible nearby. Crawling slowly, with oxygen low, you finally reach the open entrance. Within the doorway, a ramp seems to lead down into an underground facility.

You decide you must enter this facility and hope to find a way to escape this wretched place.

But you feel that you are not alone.

Dereliction is a first-person co-op xeno-horde procedural rogue-like shooter.

Check out the demo

Invasion: Neo Earth

Retro turn-based strategy in a sci-fi world of sinister alien invaders. Take command of troops, tanks and aircraft as you position your units for the perfect strike or unbreakable defense. Plot the course of humanity’s war against the insidious Sectyd by choosing which missions to fight.

Check out the demo

KiNoKoe : Tree’s Voice

You play as Hiro, a young Japanese man whose life is filled with a boring job. One evening, you see a strange light in the park’s trees near your home. You walk to the oldest tree and discover strange symbols on a piece of bark…

Check out the demo

Kiss the Demiurge

Minori is a mage tasked with hiding magic from the world. She has spurned love in the pursuit of her mission. One day she meets a group of three girls obsessed with magic. Will she stop them from discovering real magic? Or will she fall for their charms? Find out in this dramatic girls-love story.

Check out the demo

Masterplan Tycoon

Masterplan Tycoon is a real-time strategy game about building interconnected chains of resources in a minimalist visual style. The nodes are buildings. The pins are contact points between them. The links are supply lines. Create the largest logistics system possible.

Check out the demo

Match Match Mania!

Compete head to head in this exciting FPS Match-3 MOBA!

Check out the demo


Orbazoid is a fast-paced game of domination against waves of deadly bombs inspired by the arcade games of yesteryear. Enter the arena and disarm them all before you’re blown to pieces. Adapt your tactics as the challenge increases and employ a range of power-ups to tip the odds in your favour. Survive the longest to top the high score table and win bragging rights with your friends.

Check out the demo

Violet Wisteria

90s-style platformer with a completely unique attack system. Slash your way through 8 stages of pure skills-based platforming.

Check out the demo

Zoria: Age of Shattering

A squad-based tactical RPG with fluid turn-based combat, outpost, and follower management, set in the expansive fantasy world of Zoria. Lead a team of four heroes with their unique skills and perks. Every team member contributes to undertaken battles.

Check out the demo

If you’re developing an indie game and would like your demo featured in an upcoming Demo Disc, just complete our request form!

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for hundreds of great indie games that you can try today!

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