The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: November 2022

With so many indies, picking which ones to buy can be tough. Fortunately, these great indie games have playable demos that you can try right now!

Burning Faith

War is raging. The entire kingdom is about to collapse, as the mysterious vampire Chronus restlessly orders his troops to attack rebels and survivors over and over. Valerie’s future husband and paladin Martin left to fight the oppressor but never returned. As her friends Lena and Sabrina struggle to comfort her, Valerie’s mind is obsessed by no other than ONE thing: challenge the impossible, and go after her true love.

She doesn’t know it yet, but her personal quest will impact the entire world! As she befriends new companions along the way, the young lady and her two childhood friends, strangers to the battlefield, learn to fight, improve their strength, and eventually become leaders of the rebellion!

Check out the demo

Fire Commander

Lead a team of firefighters against the force of nature! Play the free prologue to Fire Commander, a real-time tactical game about real heroes.

Check out the demo

Fracture Hell

Fracture Hell is a replayable arcade shooter featuring dynamic destruction and deck building. Choose a class, equip your favorite guns and build a deck of upgrade cards to beat your current high score and unlock new gear.

Check out the demo


Kanzo is a fast-paced third-person hack-and-slash game which takes place in a cyberpunk city, the city is full of bandits and mercenaries who took down the whole city in their control, Kanzo is the only survivor left with some magical and samurai powers to clean the city. He deals with these bandits and enhances his skills and abilities as the game progresses.

Check out the demo

Order from Caos 2

Order from Caos 2 tells the story of Thomas, a man who lost his family, murdered by a cruel knight known as Asmodeus. Thomas embarks on a journey of revenge, vowing to destroy his most merciless enemy. However, one detail could change everything, his family might’ve simply never existed at all.

Check out the demo


Sarah is returning home from work, She will face her worst nightmares, and strange things start to happen to her. Will she escape alive or be declared dead?

Check out the demo

Super Intern Story

Super Intern Story is a fun little adventure about working as a monster in a video game. Wear different costumes, and get slain by heroes all while getting yelled at by your boss! Discover the joys of working behind the scenes as an unpaid game industry intern!

Check out the demo

The Empress Quest: Full Moons Saga

Kobi the dog moves into a new house with his human. He is not really impressed with this fact. And, if that wasn’t enough, he sees a strange shaggy creature in his own kitchen. The uninvited guest vanished into thin air before his eyes! What a mess! But who was that? And, more importantly, how to get rid of it?  

Check out the demo

The Frogs

The Frogs is a point-and-click adventure game based on the play by Aristophanes. Play as Dionysus as you survive awful puns and break all the fourth walls. It’s an ancient Greek comedy with Renaissance art and 18th-century classical music… and that identity crisis is just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out the demo

The Hand of Glory

The challenge of a dangerous serial killer plummets detective Lazarus Bundy’s career into a chasm with no way out. In a desperate attempt at a comeback, Lazarus decides to secretly investigate the disappearance of Kathrin Mulzberg.

Check out the demo

Just complete our request form if you’re an indie dev and would like us to feature your indie game’s demo in a future Demo Disc feature.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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