Indie Kickstarter Watch: November 2022

It’s time for the Indie Kickstarter Watch again, our feature highlighting the great indie games that need your help with funding. Before we get to the projects needing your help this month, these projects met their funding goals last month.

Now let’s discover this month’s projects!

Spirit Mancer

Slash, Shoot and Break demons, Capture their spirits and summon them out into your battle in the beautiful yet dangerous world of Inferno, Fight against hordes of demons from Ars Goetia and stop the evil queen with the power of the Spirit Mancer.

Goal: AU $40,000 by November 10

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Atlas Negro Infernum

If Hell is a state of the soul, this story is the descent to the inner abyss. Atlas Negro: Infernum is a disturbing first-person story , where the end of the world is combined with psychological terror in a survival horror experience with a strong narrative component.

Goal: €8,500 by November 12

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A collect-a-thon about a frog fixing the solar system after it explodes for some reason. Nice.

Goal: £16,500 by November 12

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Captain Firehawk and the Laser Love Situation

A shoot-em-up of macro proportions! When size-morphing alien girls decide to attack the world, only one man is able to stand against them and put things right- a pizza guy with a pilot’s license.

Goal: $10,000 by November 30

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Blood of Yamin

Blood of Yamin is a stylish Metroidvania RPG where you can forge your own playstyle. Powered by the essence of a dead god, explore a gorgeous 2D world on the cusp of the industrial revolution, conquer powerful foes, and confront the unknown horrors lurking beneath the surface.

Goal: $50,000 by December 1

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MeetLight and the secrets of the universe

MeetLight is a fantastic indie RPG, with crafting, farming, building, and a unique spiritual story. Run your forge, take care of your farm, and trade with the villagers then explore the energetical worlds and meet their inhabitants! Have fun in our relaxing open-world 3D landscape!

Goal: €23,900 by December 7

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Rise from nothing, Discover the secrets your ancestors left behind. Forge yourself into the perfect weapon to survive the 7 demon lords and their armies. An Epic Journey awaits, every time you leave town!

Goal: $10,000 by December 8

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Nightfall Hollow

Investigate the strange town of Nightfall Hollow, and see if you can get to the truth.

Goal: £2,800 by December 23

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The Adventures of The Black Hawk

The Adventures of The Black Hawk chronicles the exploits and adventures of a masked nobleman who fights with his little cunning and enormous clumsiness against the injustice and abuses of the aristocracy during the days leading up to the French Revolution.

Goal: €16,000 by December 29

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A magician and a wendigo, wake up together inside a dark crypt. After centuries of sleeping, you find yourself captive in the bowels of a massive cathedral. Only by working together will you find your way out…

Goal: €15,000 by December 30

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If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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