Indies You May Have Missed: October 2022

There are so many great indie games coming out all the time that you’d be forgiven for missing a few of them. Here are some of the newest games from our community.

The success of so many indie games hinges on how the launch goes so if you give any of them a try and you like them, make sure you leave a glowing review and let the devs know!


Confront time and fate in the 2D action RPG, Astlibra Revision. Explore meticulously crafted worlds, fight brutal boss battles, and upgrade your skills to take down enemies lurking around every corner.

Check out the game

Batora: Lost Haven

Embark on an epic adventure to save Earth in this interplanetary action RPG. Harness the ancient powers of Sun and Moon to take on a variety of unique enemies while solving diverse puzzles and exploring stunning sci-fi worlds, each with its own curious stories, inhabitants, and mysteries.

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A mysterious factory outfitted with spiky ceilings, hidden passages, and deadly cogs… that’s a lot for the average robot, but not for C.A.R.L.! Help him uncover the sinister secrets of Kent Industries in this 2D puzzle adventure filled to the brim with funky tunes and retro platformer goodness.

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Invasion: Neo Earth

Retro turn-based strategy in a sci-fi world of sinister alien invaders. Take command of troops, tanks and aircraft as you position your units for the perfect strike or unbreakable defense. Plot the course of humanity’s war against the insidious Sectyd by choosing which missions to fight.

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King of the Hat

A 2D party platformer where you fight with a hat! Throw your hat to attack, defend and bait opponents. But watch out! If someone jumps on your hat… you die!

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Outcore: Desktop Adventure

All you wanted was a nice game. But now you find yourself opening Windows apps like Paint & Notepad to solve puzzles, and searching for files on your computers that you didn’t put there… Who is she? Why did she appear on your desktop? Let’s dive into her memories and find out.

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Space Roguelike Adventure

It’s time for an incredible adventure in pixel art roguelike platformer game – Space Roguelike Adventure! Be the hero! Save the universe!

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Space War Battle Cadet DX

Head to the stars in “Space War Battle Cadet DX” – where you’ll shoot enemy ships and absorb bullets to charge up SUPER ATTACKS to destroy enemies in intergalactic battle! Infiltrate enemy bases on different planets! Fly at high speeds to take out high-value targets in intense bullet hell boss fights, all while color-matching enemies!

Check out the game

SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator

A unique artist sim game with realistic paint mixing, physics and numerous painting tools. Upgrade and customize your studio, complete tasks, sell and expose art, buy instruments and get famous!

Check out the game

Terror of Hemasaurus

A retro city smash ’em up with satisfying destruction physics. Play as a Giant Monster unleashing terror upon mankind in this modern arcade experience with the action turned up to eleven.

Check out the game

If you’re an independent developer releasing your game next month, let us know via our request form and we’d be happy to include it in next month’s article.

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