Indie Supporter Spotlight: October 2022

It’s the Indie Supporter Spotlight!

Indie Bandits only exists thanks to our Patreon and Ko-fi supporters. One of the ways we thank them for their support is by telling you about them in this monthly series.

We have some updates from two of our biggest supporters and one we haven’t heard from in a while.

Let’s see what they’ve been up to.

Playtest Kit

In addition to being a longstanding supporter of us on our Patreon, Steve from Playtest Kit was also kind enough to offer his expertise to the community with this wonderful article on playtesting. As for Playtest Kit, it continues to help busy game devs run high-quality playtests.

In other news, there’s also the FREE playtest masterclass which you can use to help you find your first 100 playtesters.

You can find the free playtesting masterclass for game devs on the website


It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Anaconda Game Studios but that’s because things have been quite busy.

After a bit of reorganising at Anaconda Game Studios, Matthias is working as a solo dev with Unreal Engine 5 on the project.

This big change means the entire environment has been reworked with deep recesses home to spiders that can sneak up on our protagonist Leif.

The whole movement system has also changed to feel more like the systems used in the Uncharted and Tomb Raider series but in a 2D sidescrolling environment.

Though currently in a very early stage of development, Matthias was kind enough to share some early screens with us.

The next challenge will be crafting the 8-legged horrors that populate the area and the first enemies to feature in the game.

We’re looking forward to seeing the development of this one and we’ll keep you in the loop as it progresses!

Be in the Next Supporter Spotlight

The Supporter Spotlight is just one of the ways we thank the people who support us. It’s thanks to this support that Indie Bandits can celebrate independent games as much as we do.

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