Indie Kickstarter Watch: October 2022

It’s the start of the month and that means it’s time for the Indie Kickstarter Watch. Before we get to the projects that need your help this month, let’s see which ones met their funding goals last month!

Now onto this month’s projects!

Counter Sniper

Counter Sniper is a goofy, arcadey, FPS where the player must defend an idiot politician from an army of assassins using a series of ridiculous weapons.

Goal: $12,300 by October 16

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Heroes of the Abyss

Heroes of the Abyss is an RPG featuring deep character customization and advanced combat mechanics. You will evolve in a universe plunged into the night by the god Asteros. Discover Asteros’ dark motives and plans as you adventure through the abyss that has opened up in the world

Goal: €6,500 by October 18

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RoadOut is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure game that mixes dungeon exploration and racing mechanics. Unravel the mysteries and dangers of the Dead Zone by performing tasks in the role of a mercenary.

Goal: ¥1,440,000 by October 19

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Hex And Tricks

An adventure card game on witchcraft and magic recipes! Explore the oppressive real world and the fantastic dream world. Fight colorful characters with your own deck of magic ingredients and monstrous assistants. Solve diverse puzzles to win cards and expand your collection!

Goal: €5,000 by October 20

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Alone is a puzzle platformer where you control more than just one character. Switch control between a variety of bots, each with their own unique features, to help overcome increasingly more difficult challenges.

Goal: £10,000 by October 27

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Fragments The Game

Fragments is an action-adventure puzzle game with role-playing elements. Players can explore the remote landscapes and planets of the Fragments in a futuristic backdrop.

Goal: $52,000 by October 30

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Little Ghost

2D Metroidvania focused on platforming rather than combat. Explore a surreal paper world using a unique horizontal FLOAT mechanic. Chill-yet-Challenging, Little Ghost has great music, a sizeable interconnected map to unlock, & lots of hidden items.

Goal: $13,777 by November 1

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Foolish Mortals

Obsessed with finding the lost treasure of Bellemore Manor, Murphy McCallan encounters ghosts, voodoo, and an evil Phantom who wants the treasure as their own! Eccentric characters and exciting puzzles populate the mysterious island of Devil’s Rock in this classic style point & click adventure.

Goal: £12,000 by November 3

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Tears of Magic

Unleash the dragon within you and explore a world of remarkable characters, as you define your personality, create bonds with allies and learn about the true origin of magic to stop a second Calamity. Tears of Magic is a fantasy RPG inspired by titles like Breath of Fire and BioWare games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, where you play a dragon in a beautiful pixel art 2.5D world with rich story, colorful characters and fluid mechanics.

Goal: SEK 998,878 by November 3

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Woten DX – Traveller’s Dream

Woten DX – Traveller’s Dream is a 2D puzzle-platformer imbued with the spirit of discovery! Dive headfirst into a rich and enchanting world full of charm, challenge and intrigue!

Goal: CA$35,500 by November 6

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If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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