Indie Kickstarter Watch: September 2022

For many indies, Kickstarter is the only way they can get the funding they need to make their wonderful games. Before we move on to this month’s projects, check out the campaigns from last month’s article that reached their funding goals.

Now let’s see this month’s projects!

Chester’s Revenge

Rad Ralph stole Chester’s Sacred Carrot and wiped out his herd. Now Chester must get the revenge. Take Rad Ralph’s lieutenants down one by one and crush your enemies. Become the world’s most badass guinea pig.

Goal: $10,000 by September 15

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CobbleCritters is a strategic card-slinging monster brawler filled with humor and heart that anyone can learn.

Each epic battle in CobbleCritters pits you and another player against each other in a speedy, wild monster bash. Recruit a dynamic cast of Critters to battle with, and then equip and support them with a slew of surprising Special cards.

Goal: $20,000 by September 22

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Mortal Rite

Mortal Rite is a third-person, action RPG with Souls-Like combat that aims to breathe new life into the Rogue-Lite and dungeon crawler genres. The game focuses on characters with unique abilities and up to 5 player Co-Op.

Goal: $50,000 by September 22

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Fight to survive in this intense twin-stick shooter! Collect sentries, items, and drones as you unleash mayhem to defend a mining outpost from waves of goopy monsters that emerge from below.

Goal: $11,000 by September 27

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Rebel Transmute

Battle your way through a living planet in Rebel Transmute, a sprawling 2D action-exploration epic! Embody Moon Mikono as you explore, reprogram your abilities, duel twisted sci-fi experiments, rebel against colonizers, and search for your long lost mother.

Goal: $17,000 by September 29

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Blacktop Hoops

Blacktop Hoops is a streetball-inspired multiplayer VR basketball game. Chain together flashy dribble tricks, shots, and high-flying dunks to finish off AI opponents or players across the globe in epic streetball matches.

Goal: $50,000 by September 29

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Outbreak: Shades of Horror

Multiplayer co-op survival horror returns in this early 2000s-inspired, undead apocalyptic nightmare. Kill or be killed, then rise from the dead and kill your friends!

Goal: $62,500 by September 30

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A tech-noir survival horror short story, set in the urban decay of a long abandoned British city.

Goal: £15,000 by September 30

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Noodle Party

A trivia party game with a high range of questions and multiple minigames along the way. Compete against friends or family, with up to 4 players locally! Prove you are the smartest noodle!

Goal: £3,500 by October 10

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Towers ‘n’ Dragons

Take on the roles of two ambitious strategists and defend your country against dragons and rebels in this story-based tower defense game! Keep an eye out for hidden secrets and act wisely because who knows how the story might end.

Goal: €15,000 by October 21

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If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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