Indie Supporter Spotlight: August 2022

It’s the Indie Supporter Spotlight!

Indie Bandits is possible thanks to the support we get on Patreon and Ko-fi and we like to let everyone know about them through this monthly article series.

This month, we have a supporter who not only provided us with some great prizes for a giveaway, but also kindly donated to the Indie Bandits’ cause through Ko-fi!

pixel play

PXLPLAY is a FREE mobile arcade game designed to bring endless fun to everyone. It’s rated for ages 4+ and available on the Apple Store (just search for it or find it via their website.

It’s also coming soon to Google Play.

With over 50 characters, you can be anything in this colourful pixel world! Simply unlock these fun pixel characters by playing the game. Only a few specially-designed characters require an in-app purchase. Indie devs need to make money for their work, after all.

A unique path is randomly generated every time you play and so are the boosts you pick up along the way so there’s a great balance of fun and challenge.

The devs behind Pixel Play are a husband-and-wife team from Texas who are also supported by their lovely kids and pets including a dog, cat, lizard, fish, and turtles!

Be sure to show them some love by checking out Pixel Play.

Supporter Spotlight

The Supporter Spotlight is just one of the ways we thank the people who support us. It’s thanks to this support that Indie Bandits can celebrate independent games.

If you’d like your game or project to be featured in an upcoming article, support us on Patreon or buy us a coffee to show us that you appreciate what we do for indie game devs.

While we haven’t quite reached our podcast funding goal yet, the podcast is back for the time being. To ensure it stays a permanent feature of our content schedule, we’ll need your support on Patreon!

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