Indie Kickstarter Watch: June 2022

Here’s this month’s Indie Kickstarter Watch for you. These are the indie game projects that need your financial support to bring them alive.

Make sure to check back in with last month’s successful projects.

Now onto this month’s Kickstarters!

Cattails: Wildwood Story

Lead your colony of cats into the mysterious Wildwood. Stalk prey to find food, defend your new home from dark intruders, and discover fresh herbs & ancient treasures. Build a thriving town for all cats to call home. Get to know the residents, fall in love, and raise a litter of kittens!

Goal: $30,000 by June 10th

Support it on Kickstarter

Star Hearts: Launch Point

Star Hearts: Launch Point is a tight 2D action-adventure featuring an 8-bit retro aesthetic in classic NES fashion. Journey to the galaxy’s edge and discover the origins of Prin – an interstellar revolutionary in the making – as she embarks upon her first space-faring adventure!

Goal: $25,000 by June 15th

Support it on Kickstarter


Nosher serves up the perfect platforming meal. Nosh on a variety of ‘enemy treats’ to possess their powers and movement, opening up more of the stages to find those hidden secrets you remember from classic ’90s platformers.

Goal: £9,000 by June 16th

Support it on Kickstarter

Galactic Merchant

Galactic Merchant is a sci-fi business simulator (a.k.a space tycoon game). Starting from a single ship startup you can grow it to an intergalactic monopoly. To do so, you could trade, mine, produce goods, smuggle, rob, give bribes, engage in politics, save planets and use many other options.

Goal: €15,000 by June 17th

Support it on Kickstarter

Glutto’s Alien Punch Fest

Do you ever just want to punch stuff for fun? Can’t do it in real life or you might have some problems. But where can you do it? In Glutto’s Alien Punch Fest of course! This Punchem Up game takes you through multiple rooms and areas in and around Glutto’s house. You will punch Alien possessed object enemies and destructible objects. I mean you can also technically punch the wall, but it won’t break….. OR WILL IT?

Goal: $2,000 by June 18th

Support it on Kickstarter


In a small fishing village in the land of the midnight sun, Leif’s life as a cowardly, lonely and boring man is coming to an end. The only things he has to lose are the dreams he has started having at night. Can he find a spark of life in them – or a final nightmarish madness?

Goal: €49,999 by June 18th

Support it on Kickstarter


inAntrum is an atmospheric 3D Action-Adventure-RPG developed as game series and released in five parts. It combines Action-RPG elements as well as Adventure-Puzzle elements and a stylized 3D graphic in an entirely new fantasy setting.

Goal: €94,000 by June 20th

Support it on Kickstarter


Amilquini is an action-adventure game that takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, where different Mesoamerican and Aridoamerican cultures had to take refuge from the war against the ancient Gods, leaving the landscape deserted; Now it’s your turn as the legendary warrior that you are, save the world from the monsters that rule the wasteland and restore balance to the land.

Goal: MX $132,300 by June 23rd

Support it on Kickstarter


Absinthia is a turn-based RPG that explores themes of love, loss, betrayal and acceptance as four close friends fight to protect their home.

Goal: $20,000 by June 29th

Support it on Kickstarter

Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu’s Wrath

Chronicles of 2 Heroes: Amaterasu’s Wrath is a 2d action platforming game with Metroidvania elements. Dart through levels facing Amaterasu’s minions and switch characters in real-time to unleash their unique skills and save Japan from the goddess’ madness.

Goal: €10,000 by July 1st

Support it on Kickstarter

If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game in the future, let us know via our request form.

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