Indie Supporter Spotlight: April 2022

Welcome to April’s Indie Supporter Spotlight!

Here are the projects that our wonderful Patreon supporters are working on. Without them, Indie Bandits wouldn’t be possible so show them some love!

VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole

We may actually get to play more of the game sooner as they’ll be taking some of the parody levels from the core game and releasing them as stand-alone prequels as part of a series known as VanillaBeginnings.

This is a way to introduce players into the larger universe (think how the MCU started with individual films) and also build up the devs’ reputation in the community.

The first game to release will be VanilaBeginnings: Retro-Knock-Out!, a Punch-Out! parody with 30 boxers, rankings, and cutscenes offering context and backstory to the series.

To keep up-to-date with VanillaBeast: Ace in the Hole, make sure to wishlist the game on Steam.

Playtest Kit

While not a game, Playtest Kit is looking like it’ll be an essential product for indie devs looking to playtest their games.

The launch is getting closer every day and they’ve been very busy over there getting ready for it.

This has included incorporating feedback from game devs, updating their branding, working with researchers to put tools and templates together (they promise us more on this in the future), and it’s now in the hands of an editor who’s diligently making sure that the final product is as good as can be.

This is probably the last chance to get the playtest kit at a pre-launch discount price. You can read more on the Playtest Kit website.


If you’re signed up to our newsletter (and you should be!), you’ll have seen that the lovely folks at YAHAHA are supporting us.

YAHAHA is a new content creation platform created by a team of Unity veterans. Creators at all levels and with any skill set can now download the app and build 3D content and games and share it with their online community.

Last month, they ran a challenge event that offered cash rewards for finding bugs and they currently have an Easter Egg event that offers cash rewards for the best creations.

The early access programme is now open for developers at all levels.

If you’re interested in trying out this exciting new UGC platform, you can sign up here.


Venaitura is a retro-styled RPG whose lovely dev has supported us for a while now. The game includes 12 classes, treasure and loot, and lore up the wazoo.

Recently, they’ve completed a huge update on the game that rebalanced a lot of enemies and weapon types as well as the EXP from enemies.

The game has also been opened up to allow players to take more control over the story and the freedom to play through objectives and parts of the narrative in a less linear fashion.

There’s also been a whole heap of updates to refine and edit the in-game text and other changes to improve the overall experience.

To see these for yourself, check out Venaitura on Steam.

Get your indie game in the spotlight

The Supporter Spotlight is one of the ways we thank our Patreon supporters. After all, it’s their support that helps Indie Bandits to celebrate independent games.

If you’d like your game to be featured in an upcoming article, you can support us on Patreon for this and other perks or buy us a coffee if you appreciate what we do for indie game devs.

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