The Indie Bandits Demo Disc: December 2021

The year is coming to an end, but we’ve still got some indie games that you can try right now.

Check them out!


Collect cards to unlock stunning combos and unleash them in real-time battles, customize the dungeon itself, loot stage props, and bond with other residents to gain a new perspective on what’s really happening in this surreal place. Explore the Mansion of Whispers and its everchanging backstage.

Check out the demo


A cute RPG where there are two sides to every soul: Main and Invert!

Check out the demo

Kings Gauntlet: Chess Revolution

Forget what you know about chess: choose your favorite monarch and prove your skill in a 1v1 top-down shooter. The more you hit your opponent the bigger your army gets. Avoid chess pieces as they dash around the battlefield and use your wits and reflexes to checkmate the opponent.

Check out the demo


Desperate, outnumbered and with gun turrets as your only companion. Lumencraft is a top-down shooter with base-building elements. Drill through fully destructible environment to reach precious resources, and spend them on weapons and tools protecting the last bastion of humanity.

Check out the demo

Malice & Greed

A roguelite turn-based RPG where you force enemies & bosses to join you, sell them to the Shady Smuggler, and Butcher them to steal their skills! Create new combos and teams each run, as you battle to reach Nirvana!

Check out the demo

Mud and Blood

Mud and Blood, the cult classic flash strategy game is back with a vengeance and this time you are on the offensive. This is a brutal real-time strategy game set in World War 2 where you command a small squad of soldiers against impossible odds in a procedural and unforgiving battlefield.

Check out the demo

Rick Henderson

Rick Henderson is an endless horizontal-scrolling shoot ’em up with infinite replayability, a true homage to 16-bit shooters wrapped in graphics we all loved. Twitch your fingers through five enemy factions and their bosses, upgrade your ship and try to survive through unpredictable space events.

Check out the demo

Rise of Humanity: Prologue

Experience the first events taking place in Rise of Humanity – a game that uniquely fuses turn-based strategy & deck-building. Build decks for each hero, collect, upgrade & merge powerful cards, and plan your strategy wisely to save humankind from the machines!

Check out the demo


Schmuztnik is a platform game where all the art is made from play-doh. Spelunk into the caverns with your robot, reaching up to higher areas with your extendable neck, clean up the ever-growing green slime, avoid enemies, and ultimately reach the exit for each cave.

Check out the demo

Untale: King of Revinia

Unravel the mystery of the King’s sudden death… Claim your right for the throne. Try to stay alive as long as possible. Will you take the risk? The story is for those who are brave enough to dive into a dark story and are able to think reasonably.

Check out the demo

When you do try them, let the devs know what you think of their game!

You can find us on Facebook or Twitter or leave a comment on this article.

Don’t forget to check out our other demo discs for more great indies.

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