Indie Kickstarter Watch: October 2021

Last month was a tough one for the projects from the Indie Kickstarter Watch. In any case, here are the ones from last month’s article that reached their goals.

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pink

Akita: King Pig Thinks Pig is a 2D adventure metroidvania with hand-drawn animations, for 1 player or 2 players in cooperative mode.

Explore a fantasy world full of secrets, treasures and charming creatures, fight monsters and solve puzzles.

Goal: €20,000 by October 7

Check out the Kickstarter


Alone is a puzzle platformer where you control more than just one character. Switch control between a variety of bots, each with their own unique features, to help overcome increasingly more difficult challenges.

Goal: £8,000 by October 7

Check out the Kickstarter

MerFight: Curse of the Arctic Prince

MerFight is 2.5D fighting game with emphasis on player expression and simplicity through leniency. With a cast all based off different types of aquatic life — angler fish, sharks, the Yellowtail Fang Blenny — MerFight hopes to float to the surface in an already deep genre.

Goal: $5,000 by October 14

Check out the Kickstarter

Paranormal Detective: Escape from the 90’s

90’s teen Delia has disappeared in an abandoned arcade and it’s up to you to find her in this thrilling VR escape room adventure! Solve challenging puzzles and discover mysterious clues, all while playing awesome retro 90’s arcade games!

Goal: $5,000 by October 19

Check out the Kickstarter

Agents of Influence: Cyber Danger

Agents of Influence: Cyber Danger is a spy-themed educational video game that teaches students how to recognize and combat the misinformation they encounter in their daily lives. In this game, students learn about topics including data collection and tracking, algorithms, echo chambers, impostor content, logical fallacies, and data fallacies while practicing three critical thinking skills: research, document analysis, and conversations.

Goal: $30,000 by October 21

Check out the Kickstarter

BioSynth: Rising

BioSynth is single-player classic RPG where you control a party of up to 4 characters.

There’s an isometric view that you can rotate as you please during the game and you can even switch to 3rd person.

Goal: €50,000 by October 21

Check out the Kickstarter

Eternal Exodus

A monster-catching RPG set in the afterlife. Catch and fuse 150 unique demons as you journey to conquer Hell itself.

Goal: $15,000 by October 28

Check out the Kickstarter

Dragon Realms – Towers ‘n’ Dragons

Be the strategist of this story based Tower Defense game where you need to defend your base against all kinds of dragons. Use your wits to upgrade your towers and siege weapons and research for new technologies and buildings to win against the lizards.

Personalize your strategy through the tech tree, fulfil the different quests of your researchers and have a direct impact on the level by mining resources and adding your personal touch to the environment.

Goal: €26,000 by October 30

Check out the Kickstarter


Legacy is an RPG focusing on the RP elements of the world. In this world you have one life; if you die, you restart. New life, new relationships, new world, new everything. The only way to continue your game is to forge a strong relationship with your companions, have children to continue your legacy.

Goal: $1,000 by November 9

Check out the Kickstarter

Ninja Noboken

Ninja Noboken is an action-focused adventure that takes heavy inspiration from the 80s and 8-bit Games. Evil has returned from the ashes in a different form and is again unleashing terror among this universe. You will have to ninja your way into the depths of a castle to defeat it and protect the world from complete devastation.

Goal: MX$79,400 by November 13

Check out the Kickstarter

If you’re an indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game, let us know and we’ll be sure to feature it!

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