Indie Kickstarter Watch: July 2021

Last month was our first ever Indie Kickstarter Watch so before we show off some projects you may want to support this month, here are the projects from last month’s article that met their funding goals.

Now let’s take a look at the games you can crowdfund this month.


Chorus is a little frog with huge dreams of protecting the world. Being a tree frog, however, society expects them to lead a life of religious studies, instead of training to be a warrior. Their small size certainly doesn’t help anyone take them seriously, either. Seeking a better life, Chorus moves to Boreala, a village where members of the Defense Guild train under the wisdom of an old veteran. They quickly learn things aren’t going to be as easy as they hoped. With a powerful army and a mysterious rumour both on the rise, Chorus needs to discover how they can protect the ones they love – before it’s too late.

Goal: CA$25,000 by July 12

Check out the Kickstarter

Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja

Beat this game with just your mouse, only then you can be a true ninja. Cyjin: The Cyborg Ninja is a unique precision platformer featuring fast-paced gameplay and accelerated dashing action. This game is simple to pick up, yet challenging to master. Prove your skill as a true ninja!

Goal: HK$38,850 by July 14

Check out the Kickstarter

The Whispering Valley

Explore a sinister village and solve complex puzzles in The Whispering Valley, a story-driven point & click game. Delve into the horror of guilt and depression to investigate the village’s deepest secret.

Goal: CA$26,000 by July 17

Check out the Kickstarter

Rift World

RIFT WORLD Is a hardcore FPS game full of action-fueled magical encounters set in a surreal parallel world.

Goal: $10,000 by July 22

Check out the Kickstarter

Plot of the Druid

Druid apprentice Jase isn’t quite ready for his final exams tomorrow, so he does what any self-respecting student would do: break into the dean’s office for something to give him a little boost. An adventure game with sarcastic British humor and classic, hand-drawn art.

Goal: $25,000 by July 22

Check out the Kickstarter

Spell Blaster

Spell Blaster is a 2D top-down action game inspired by retro classics! The game is being developed for PC (with a planned release on Nintendo Switch) and tasks players with navigating mazes, destroying monsters, avoiding dangerous traps and solving perilous puzzles!

Goal: $8,200 by July 22

Check out the Kickstarter


You wake up on an uninhabited island. Gather resources and craft tools to help you survive. Find a way off of the island to discover new lands filled with new resources, villagers and much more! Can you solve the mystery of the monsters, uncover your past and transform your island into a paradise?

Goal: $93,336.50 by July 22

Check out the Kickstarter

Blue June

Blue June is a 2.5D story-driven adventure game with elements of exploration, puzzle solving, stealth and horror. Play as June, a student of the prestigious Rose Hill Academy, and uncover the truth that lies beneath her recurring nightmares.

Goal: CA$30,000 by July 26

Check out the Kickstarter

GO HEROES Prometheus

Explore the everlasting ancient Greek world. Steal the Fire of the Gods and fight mythical creatures, collect loot, and wield legendary weapons in a unique action-turn-based battle system that will encourage you to push forward at great speed through environmental puzzles in a mythological setting.

Goal: €12,000 by August 4

Check out the Kickstarter

June: Tales from Cyberspace

June is a modern fable, presented in the form of an exploration-based puzzle platformer. It’s an emotional experience designed with a humanistic approach, that looks at the hero’s journey as an internal struggle between the individual and the collective.

Goal: 12,000 by August 24

Check out the Kickstarter

If you’re and indie dev and will be running a crowdfunding campaign for your indie game, let us know and we’ll be sure to feature it!

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