“Pikuniku” is immediately a lot of fun, especially in co-op – Review

I can’t play Pikuniku without immediately thinking of Snipperclips. The look, the feel, and even the soundtrack gives me the same vibes. However, the way you play the two games is quite different. While Snipperclips was mainly about cutting out shapes to solve puzzles, Pikuniku is more about platforming that while easy at parts, occasionally will throw you a curveball.


  • Easy to pick up and play
  • Cute and inviting aesthetics
  • A great co-op mode


  • Too easy for platforming purists
  • Too difficult for casual players

Right from the get-go, Pikuniku lodges its tongue firmly in its cheek with its silly tone (especially in the story mode) and presents itself as a game to put a smile on your face. There are three main actions including jumping, kicking (or sometimes grabbing), and rolling and most puzzles involve one of these or a combination of them.

This means that Pikuniku is very easy to pick up and play. Advanced players will know exactly what they have to do and casual players will have learnt the ropes after a level or two.

The visuals are nice and the simple aesthetics make the challenges quite clear and the characters very endearing despite none of them really having many features or details.

Much like Snipperclips, this is a great game to play cooperatively with somebody who doesn’t often play games. My partner and I had a lot of fun playing this even though our levels when it comes to gaming, especially platformers, are vastly different.

We spent most of our time with Pikuniku laughing, kicking each other (in the game!), and jumping around like idiots and while there’s no doubt that the co-op mode is a whole heap of fun, this is where you’ll start to realise the game’s main drawbacks.

For me, an older player who grew up with 2D platformers, the game is quite easy and while I can play for short stints on my own, there’s not enough of a challenge to keep me playing for a long time.

On the other hand, some sections are quite unforgiving for casual players and in the co-op mode, there are sections where you can’t help one another. This can be frustrating for players as who you control will affect which sections of platforming you have to do in certain levels.

The Verdict

Pikuniku is an enjoyable platforming game with some nice puzzles and it really shines in the co-op mode as the mechanics lend themselves to a lot of silly fun.

In terms of difficulty, I found it to sit in the unsatisfying middle between challenging and a walk in the park. Of course, this problem might be unique to my household and the difficulty would probably be ideal for two younger players with a decent amount of experience with platformers.

Pikuniku was developed Sectordub and published by Devolver Digital.

It’s available on Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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