If You’re Looking for a Simple and Fun Puzzle Game, Look No Further than “Super Box Land Demake”

Super Box Land Demake (SBLD) is a retro-style 2D puzzle game developed by Juliano Lima and published by Ratalaika Games in which you push boxes. While the premise is simple, it makes for a rather enjoyable experience, especially if you enjoy scratching your head.


  • Controls
  • Visuals
  • Audio


  • Short
  • Limited

SBLD’s gameplay involves pushing boxes onto a special tile. Once every tile in the level has a box on it, the gate at the top of the level opens and you can progress onto the next level. As you can imagine, the controls are simple. You can move, run, push boxes, and briefly rewind time if you make a mistake (depending on the difficulty setting).

SBLD challenges the player’s understanding of the challenge rather than their ability to manipulate a controller, making it very accessible to inexperienced players without necessarily making it easy (though there are quite a few easy levels).

There’s multiplayer, too. In fact, you can change between single player and co-op on-the-fly, adding an extra controllable character to the level or getting rid of them. You can also control two characters at once, but while I found this made certain puzzles easier since you can push boxes from either side, the multitasking made my head hurt.

As you can see, te game’s visuals are your stereotypical indie game pixel art and are very nice to look at. Everything on the screen is clear and easy to understand and the colour palette also works really well with the cute visual style.

It almost goes without saying once you’ve got pixel art, you’ll naturally be drawn into pairing it with some chiptune music. There are few games that don’t go for this obvious combination and the audio in SBLD doesn’t break the mold. The jaunty chiptune music really hammers home the nostalgia and it sounds exactly as you’d expect, great.

My main criticism of the game is that it’s rather short and limited. While there’s a cute shoot-em up segment between worlds, every level involved the one mechanic of pushing boxes and I think game could benefit an awful lot from another mechanic or two While there are 100 levels, each level only lasts between 30 seconds and a few minutes, meaning you can complete it fairly quickly.

The Verdict

SBLD is a simple-but-accessible puzzle game. It’s the kind of game you can quickly pick up and put down and while I’ve been playing on the PS4, I feel it’d be much more at home on my Switch entertaining me on the go.

It’s not an expensive game and if you want a relaxing puzzle game that you can play with somebody who doesn’t play regularly, it’s worth picking up.

I got Super Box Land Demake for free as part of #IndieSelect. However, this doesn’t affect our editorial.

Super Box Land Demake is available on PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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