What We’re Playing: May 2019


Daggerhood is an action-platformer developed by Woblyware and published by Ratalaika Games. I got this as part of #IndieSelect and immediately fell in love with it as it reminded me of Celeste.

However, rather than the dash mechanic like in Celeste, the game’s namesake character, Daggerhood, can throw a dagger and then teleport to the weapon’s location. This means that you can use it to kill enemies as well as traverse obstacles.

While I wouldn’t say it’s as good as Celeste, if you like tricky platformers, this is definitely one worth checking out while you wait for the upcoming Celeste DLC.

Risk of Rain

I’ve had Risk of Rain on my Switch for a while and following the release of Risk of Rain 2, I decided to go back to it. While the graphics are fine, there’s something about playing the Switch version in portable mode that makes everything very difficult to see.

That said, this roguelike is pretty good fun and provides a decent atmosphere while you try not to die. One thing that really impressed was the game’s epic soundtrack, which you can check out here.

Burly Men at Sea

After enjoying Old Man’s Journey so much, I was looking for a relaxing story-driven adventure and just so happened to have Burly Men at Sea on my PS4 as it was one of the monthly games with PS+ in November 2018.

The developers, Brain&Brain, call this a “branching folktale adventure game” and if you like these kinds of casual titles, you might want to consider checking it out and picking up a copy.


Transistor is without a doubt one of my favourite indie games of all time. I bought this along with Bastion (another incredible game) for the PS4 and was obsessed for it with a while.

This was free on the Epic Store this month which meant that I just had to go back and play it some more. This game looks awesome and combines real-time and turn-based combat into a short-but-sweet narrative.

You can read our review of Transistor here.

The Surge

I’ve never been a huge fan of Dark Souls, but when someone told me that The Surge essentially Dark Souls with robot suits, I have to admit that I was quick to download it when it became available for free with PS+ last month.

While I still don’t feel that this is a game for me, I was pretty drawn in by the story right from the start. Personally, I don’t enjoy the gameplay loop of Souls-like games but somebody who does might want to this title some of their time, especially if they, like me, prefer a sci-fi setting over the fantasy ones in the Souls games.

We’re always looking for great indie titles to play so if you have any recommendations, tell us them in the comments below!

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