Apply to Join the Indie Bandits Streamer Club

For years, we’ve been celebrating independent games and we know we’re not the only ones who love doing this.

If you’re a streamer that loves playing indie games on your streams, we’d love to hear from you.

We’re looking to hand-pick a number of indie-focused streamers and provide them with both indie games to play on their streams while also promoting their streams through the Indie Bandits socials and website.

What We’re Looking For

We’re going to carefully select streamers that we feel gel well with the Indie Bandits community and while we ultimately handpick every member of the Indie Bandits Streamer Club, there are a few things we’re looking for in the streamers that join us to celebrate indie games.

Indie Game Champions

This is the most important one: you have to celebrate indie games. If you’re a streamer that will play any indie game, we want to hear from you. At Indie Bandits, we feel that every indie game is worth celebrating.


We need streamers that we can count on. We don’t want streamers to burn themselves out with ridiculous streaming schedules, but we do want streamers who can schedule a stream, stick to it, and be on time for it.


Indie Bandits is focused on celebrating independent games. Everything we do focuses on the positivity around the indie game community and we’re looking for streamers with the same attitude.


The Indie Bandits community has always been and always will be for everyone. We’re looking for streamers who feel the same.

How It Works

We want to put indie games into the hands of streamers. As we don’t have an unlimited supply of indie games, we’re going to carefully pick the streamers that fit best with our community.

There are no costs to being a member of the Indie Bandits Streamer Club, though we will have a few rules for the members that we choose.

What’s In It For Streamers?

We’ll give our streamers copies of indie games to play on their streams as well as promote their streams through our socials when they’re going live, etc.

We want to use our online presence to promote both the indie games being played and the streamers playing them.

What’s In It For Indie Devs?

We’ll be putting copies of independent developers’ games in the hands of streamers that we feel will be a perfect match for their games.

We already have the games ready to get the Indie Bandits Streamer Club going, but we’ll make sure our community knows when we’re looking for more.

What’s In It for Indie Bandits?

The Indie Bandits community has grown too big for us to continue doing everything we do for independent developers while also being able to maintain a regular streaming schedule.

That doesn’t mean we won’t ever stream again, but we feel we can celebrate independent games far more effectively by working with streamers who feel the same as we do about indie games.